Monday, March 14, 2011

Here Comes the Anti Smoking NAZI Gang.Private Property Right Under Attack in the Name of a Smoke Free Texas

            What does the State Legislator in Texas get the authority to tell business owners what they can and can not do on their own property. If anyone thinks the government care about you breathing second hand smoke and your health. Think again. It is not second hand smoke that we should be worried about. It is the attack on private property rights and legislation for a smoke free work place is just a Trojan horse. Let me tell you about my experience of a smoke free work place law when I was a truck driver going through the state of California.
              I was traveling on Interstate 40 between Newberry Springs and Barstow California. I was driving my own 18 wheeler I owned at the time. I was enjoying my Marlboro cigarette. I was stopped by a California Highway Patrol Officer. I was not stopped for speeding or a safety issue. I was not driving unsafe. My brakes on my trailer was not smoking. No I was stopped for smoking in my workplace. No one was with me and was not harming no body. I was cited for Smoking in my work place in my own property minding my own business.
               This is not about promoting a healthy work environment. If the government cared about its people's health they remove the fluoride out of the tap water. It is about expanding police power of the state attacking a person private property rights.It is about the state grabbing more power. If a person does not like to work around smokers. Go find another place to work. Most work places do have designated smoking areas away from areas of operation. Most employers have worked to satisfy smokers and non smokers without an act of of the legislator. It has worked very well without government interference or mandate.
                All this new law if passed will do is empower the Anti Smoking Police who will go out of their way to impose their will on the rest of us. So if you are cheering as they stick it to the smokers. Well think again.After they subdue the smokers. Who vice is next?Who is next? It will not stop with just smoking.They will find another villain with a vice to attack freedom once again.In the name of stopping fire in the home and auto accidents. Do not be surprised if we can not smoke in our cars next till finally till we can not smoke in our own homes.

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