Monday, March 14, 2011

Financial Dictator or Fiscal Martial Law in Michigan?Power Grab by the Governor?

            The worst thing any lawmaker can do is cede all power to one man as a dictator to solve a problem. We have seen time and time against when congress has handed over it power granted by the constitution whether it be a small group of bankers or the executive branch of the government. Abuses happen and becomes hard to stop.There was three branches of government for the reason as a check on power and all authority not be concentrated in one place. The Legislator and Governor in Michigan are facing a budget crises not because they are short on funds. It is to pay the Bankers a debt the people of Michigan do not owe.
            Now we see the governor of Michigan is beholden to the Wall Street Gangsters with the state lawmakers complicit in this power grab.They have to make sure the Robber barons are taken care of and the people of Michigan get a few crumbs left over after the treasury have been looted by the gangster bankers. This bill is very frightening because the legislator just handed over a vital check on power to one man that is just as bad as handing over a blank check to a money addict.
           We can not allow the state legislator to hand over power to one man to act at will without the courts and the legislator to keep a check on power of the governor. Power should never be handed over and concentrated in one person hands. History has told us bad things always happens. This bill must not pass



  1. This is madness at its WORST!!! People of Michigan
    get off your butts and do EVERYTHING you can to stop this peice of insanity from passing!!!!

  2. I do not understand why it is difficult for people to understand that it is not Martial Law, but very similar.

    There is the geographical Michigan State and then there is the STATE OF MICHIGAN that is a corporation that may be verified on Dunn and Bradstreet and other sites. The "government" is the corporate administration-the govenor is the CEO of the corporation of MICHIGAN like IBM, ATT&T, JPM etc..., the STATE CONGRESS is the board of directors, and the CITIZENS are the employees of MICHIGAN.

    When the corporation of MICHIGAN is going belly up it may take any action that a corporation may take and employees (citizens) are not able to complain about the deprivation of "Constitutional RIghts" because they are employees not people who have standing to make a claim against the corporation for breach of contract (Deprivation of Constitutional Rights).

    The establishment of financial managers that will invalidate local control is a matter of keeping the corporation solvent and permissible under the Maritime-Admiralty-UCC law that is practiced in its (the corporations) courts.

    I don't care if you believe me or not, but understand it for what it is and it is not going away and as you will continue to see your belief does not prevent their horror from unrolling before our very eyes.

  3. There is a city in Alabama that has not made pension payments to their retired workers in 18 months. Under the new Michigan law, this would have been stopped 17 months ago. Don't the people receiving pensions deserve to have their checks managed properly? If you were without a pension check for 18 months, wouldn't you scream to the government to do something about it?


  5. Well, its not at all difficult to understand *why*, when one realizes that "hosers" are STUCK
    in the fog of yesteryear. 1970 is OVER, has been for awhile now, the rest of the country has been waiting for you to catch up....and we're still waiting. I realize that being snowbound for 8 months out of the year is hard, but really!

  6. Seems to me that crowd of 100.000 or so has enough potential to pour their oppressors black feathered suits.
    Citizens, do your duty.

  7. These jerks better beware of "blowback" ---- Do you know what is really funny? For years INDEPENDENT people yelled alarms over the Executive Orders and "signing statements" Bush was enacting. The jerks that supported him thought they were all just wonderful. NOW all those restrictions and destructions of YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS are in the hands of your WORSE NIGHTMARE. ROTFLMAO Sweet dreams you idiots.
    The Economic Recovery will begin when there is a BANKER hanging on every corner.

  8. Great, we managed to get some ass worse than Granholm.

  9. It's just a piece of paper with some writing on it.

    So what?