Thursday, March 17, 2011

State Sovereignty Bill In Texas Goes To The House Floor For A Vote

           Another State Sovereignty bill was filed in the Texas State Legislator. The Bill was filed by Texas State Representative Brandon Creighton with four other co-authors and seventy six co sponsors. The Legislation is House Concurrent  Resolution (HCR-50) was in response by demand of people statewide to get the Federal Government to cease and desist from all unconstitutional actions inside the State of Texas.
           The Bill has been voted out of House State Sovereignty Select Committee to go to the floor of the House for a vote. In the Last Session of the Legislator in 2009. The Bill (HCR-50)passed the House. The bill never made it to the State Senate because Speaker of the House Joe Straus blocked the bill from going to the State Senate for a vote. This man is a RINO or neo con. I am still wondering how this man was reelected to be the Speaker of the House for another term in this session. Many groups in Texas opposed Representative Straus because how he conducted business in the State House's last session two years ago. Many people questioned his leadership.
          Many people in Texas responding to the economic nightmare coming out of the White House. This has even made many state legislators very upset seeing the actions of the EPA in the state without legal authority messing with the power grid. People see gun control and the Food Safety Modernization act shutting down many ranchers and farmers in Texas. Oil and Farming are the back bone of the economy in Texas. They see President Obama attacking Texas specifically to break the will of the Lone Star State. This bill might not be much and does not really have much teeth. It is a step towered Texas Independence as the final solution to throw out Washington DC for good .

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