Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sprout Grower Shut Down by FDA"The Food Safety and Modernization Act at Work Now?

             I wonder who is the FDA working for. Are they working for the people of big agricultural business shutting down their competition. No one has been sick or has been reported sick from product of the Vegi Pack farm that sell and distributes ready to eat soybean sprouts and tofu. When congress passed S-510 called the Food Safety and Modernization Act. It was not about food safety at all. These people who are in these agencies are from major agricultural multinational corporations for the purpose shutting down the smaller farms so there will be no competition.Using every law and any regulation as an excuse to shut down every small farm.In their minds the end justifies the means.
             The Food and Drug Administration coming under the authority of the interstate commerce since the products is sold in neighboring states. The farm located in Mt Airy Maryland was cited for violations of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act claiming packaging was unsanitary.This is what the FDA is claiming coming in to the state of Maryland under the commerce clause since products cross state lines.The interstate commerce clause was put in the US Constitution to keep commerce free flowing between the states. Not restrict the flow of commerce or stop production. The word regulate meant to keep regular flowing freely. Congress twisted the meaning to mean restrict.
              I can understand if the FDA inspects products coming in from overseas countries for quality control reasons.I would not mind if they inspected these products at every port of entry coming into the Untied States. I do not think this is about food safety. It is about shutting down competition. These federal agencies whether the FDA or the USDA. They are not for the people. They have become hired guns for giant mega corporations to eliminate all their competition. They want a monopoly and not a free market system. This age of corporatism must be stopped and need to go back to a free market system if we are going to have safe food again.


  1. Oh dear, we now have SMD, (sprouts of mass destruction.)Is nothing safe or sacred anymore?

  2. Interestingly this type of strong arm
    nonsense might be a blessing in disguise.
    I'm so sick of this crap I'm ploughing
    under an acre of my lawn and going to
    be planting, corn, soy and vegetables.
    If it works I've got 2 more acres I'll
    put to the plough. Maybe this crap is
    going to force us back to more of an
    agrarian society so we don't need these
    damn corporations. Most of my neighbours
    have chickens for meat and eggs now and
    the guy down the street just bought a
    cow and some hogs.

  3. This "act"is just the beginning...I read it when it was also forbids the personal growing of edible vegetables or fruits, or the sharing, eating, or selling of personal grown are an FDA/USDA Approved FARM. George Orwell was a prophet...welcome to 1982 America...dosnt really make any difference, anyway...the fallout from Japan is going to...our food.

  4. If you do decide to produce your own food, also consider posting a "No Trespassing" sign. Then if the FDA wonks wander onto your property to inspect your crop, it is criminal trespass. Also, look into plants such as Lambs Quarters, Sheep sorrel, Purslane, Dandelion, etc. They can hardly eliminate weeds.

  5. S-510 makes any non-patented (owned by Monsanto) food, food technology or facility contraband. Grow a tomato; handle a seed or raw milk and you are subject to a DHS SWAT team raid.
    This is the next phase of the War On Drugs - Food variation ( because they haven't figured out how to control air [yet]). Its just a matter of time before terrorist farmers, patriot tofu makers or extremist sprout growers are shot for "cultivation of a controlled agricultural substance". But...
    This is actually a good thing because it is the final straw for the American people

  6. FDA, Barbecue and fried green tomatoes. Get it?
    It is quite possibly time.

  7. Even though we have no constitution any longer,
    nor a bill of rights, the country used to
    have inalienable rights, which included the
    God given rights such as the ability to pursuit
    happiness.. The country we once had has been
    taken over while everyone was watching Dancing
    with the Elites. This is no longer our country,
    and anyone that thinks it still is is sadly
    mistaken. One of the most important God given
    rights is the ability to grow food for you
    and your family. The Government has interjected
    itself between us and God now. They consider
    themselves as gods.

    What kind of man, would actually put on swat
    team gear, and rationalize that it was okay
    for him and his co-workers to go storm some
    farm for growing vegetables and selling them
    to willing buyers? I guess you would have
    to have a conscience or morals to think of
    how appalling the thought of that actually is.
    These mindless testosterone filled drones
    that they employ to conduct the dirty work
    for evil corporations just simply have no
    morals, nor do they have souls. I wonder if
    they will don their army gear (swat outfits)
    and storm their own mother's gardens in the
    future? My money says that they are so well
    indoctrinated and brainwashed by the PTB's
    that they would have no problem shooting
    their own mothers right between the eyes for
    growing tomatoes.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but
    what exactly is the kind of freedom we
    purport to spread across the globe? And
    why do we spend trillions of dollars for
    our military spreading freedom, when we
    don't even have any freedoms left here?
    I'd say we quit wasting all of those dollars
    spent on the military. Sounds to me like
    we are spreading corporate globalism with
    our military, not freedom. Until the day
    we can say we truly have freedom, we should
    do as Ron Paul said and bring all of our
    military home where they belong. We may
    need our sons and daughters here to protect
    us from an ever expanding out of control
    paranoid government that raids gardens,
    farms, and gropes our grandma when she flies.

    The good news in all of this is that it really
    exposes just how frightened they are. They are
    pulling out all of the stops right now.. It
    shows total fear and the ultimate paranoia on
    their part. They are running scared when they
    consider their own citizens the enemy.
    Just like Janet (Big Sis) thinks that our
    returning military personnel are a threat.
    Say what Janet? Yes, they are now beyond
    paranoid and they are showing it more and more
    every single day. Wonder when they will be
    satisfied though? What is their ultimate goal?
    Put the entire population in prison? Or put
    everyone in pods like in the Matrix movie?
    They are so afraid of their own people that it
    just wows me. Bunch of paranoid little people.
    I'm just glad that they are out of money though.
    Except they seem to have enough money to buy
    all of these new toys to spy on everyone with,
    and scan everyone with.. Kind of makes you
    wonder if they aren't lying about being broke
    huh? If they are that broke, they need to sell
    their scanning machines, and all of their swat
    gear. While police forces are laying off half
    of their officers, the U.S. seems to be able
    to spend money on raiding dairy farmers, and
    small growers.. Hmm.. What's wrong with this
    picture? I think we need to transfer the funds
    so that cities that need firefighters etc..
    should be given the funds that these shameful
    gestapo swat boys are using to raid farms.
    Let's see here, what poses the biggest threat?
    Having a farm growing vegetables, or my house
    is on fire and the city laid off the firemen?
    Can I do a risk assessment on this? Okay, I
    say "the firemen".

    Now I know why Ron Paul wants to do away with
    the three letter agencies. Makes good sense to

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