Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earthquake in Japan Causes Supply Shortages For Sushi Bars.Is ThisThe Canary In A Coal Mine?

          This should be a lesson on what happens when a natural disaster can cause a disruption in supply and distribution of food or any other provisions.We can see a disruption in supply of oil from the middles east if the situation does not stabilize anytime soon. That means higher food prices and fuel cost. This earthquake should be a lesson for all of us.
           It is being reported that Sushi bars in San Fransisco California are reporting a supply shortage because of the Earthquake.This supply disruption should be a warning to all of us. We may say "I do not eat Sushi and does not affect me" Think again and see how a natural disaster disrupts supply distribution and trade.This should be the canary in a coal mine of why preparation is important as individuals to weather the storms on the horizon.
           In the recent years through government interference in industry and production inside the United States shipping our manufacturing and production offshore in the name of free trade.We have lost redundancy in our manufacturing base were needed supplies like food and other provisions nearly do not exist anymore.They all been outsourced to other countries.If our supplies domestically are disrupted in one area of the country or a vital part of the world.We are screwed because we have no production anymore because all the factories are shut down here.That means we have no more productive capacity to produce products to make up for any shortages if supply is disputed because of a natural disaster.
          A looming Sushi shortage is a warning in how delicate logistics are when a part of the world is shut down as Japan is right now. This is why we need the factory jobs back here so we may regain our economic infrastructure that can handle supply disruptions when one part of the country and world is shut down because of a major event. It will not stop commerce.Consider ourselves lucky that America does not live on Sushi or we be screwed right now.

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