Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soon TSA May Get A Rude awakening DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS

              I am glad people and some state lawmakers are starting the learn that the solution is in the states not waiting for the next election of Federal Congressmen and a President. For the last two years The TSA and the Airline industry have been experiencing a backlash from the people over Full Body Scanners and the Enhanced Pat Downs. Many people in law enforcement and security experts say there is a less intrusive methods that are more effective and efficient.
             We hear the horror stories and the callous cruelty of the TSA personal. They are violating state law. They are breaking the law in the name of "Keeping us Safe" through enhanced pat downs committing sexual assault. The full body scanners not only are unsafe and no hospital would be allowed to have them just based on law of radiology. These full body scanner violate child porn laws and the fourth amendment showing a person's naked body. All this is done without probable cause or a warrant signed by a judge.
             Legislation introduced by State Representative Simpson is now in committee now named HB-1937.This bill has very strong language about touching people and penetrating people being a felony if a person wants access to a public building or seeks to use transportation like an airplane. Under this Bill if it becomes law. People will not be subject to unreasonable search and seizures. This legislation is gaining momentum in the State House with 37 co sponsors. What is unique about this bill is if there is a vote of yes of two thirds of both houses. It become amended to the State Constitution. If it just passes with majority vote it will take effect Sept 1, 2011.
             I wish the bill be a little more stronger with teeth in just throwing out the TSA altogether and put airport screening under the Department of Public Safety having state Troopers handle Airport Security or a reputable security firm based in the State . We will wait and see to see if our state lawmakers follow through on this bill or just doing window dressing. Texans are tired of talk and no action. Texans want results. Public relations spin does not work anymore.


  1. You said it all when you said this: "Texans are tired of talk and no action. Texans want results."

  2. good for texas...if one state rejects this rothschild slave conditioning, hopefully more will reject their programming

  3. since when do legislators represent US?

    they posture... count the votes.. collect sponsors in districts where their candidate is shaky... and make sure the numbers don't add up to passage.

    This is another sucker punch.

    they have no intention of passing this... the sponsors are there for our consumption only.

  4. Yeah. Let a trigger-happy Statie or a CON-tractor do it instead.

    Say what you will about the T&A, at least they don't have the power to cap your ass.

    How about instead of a law, a protest: STOP TREATING US LIKE CRIMINALS.

  5. Contacting your criminal congress punks, and protesting aint gonna do shit. We need a wholesale revolution to physically remove this scum from our midst. Period! THAT is the only solution I hate to say it.

  6. OH yes T&A DOES have the power to "cap your ass".
    If we do not beat T&A in the airports they (are already planning to) will be in your parks and playgrounds, stroking and groping your children.

  7. It's great that Texas is fighting back. The sad part is that we shouldn't need this kind of law. The TSA is already breaking the law by violating our inalienable rights. Proposing a law implies that they can do whatever they want until a new law makes it illegal. And if the law doesn't pass, some will incorrectly connect the dots, that since a law wasn't approved then the TSA can continue to violate us at will. If we allow the government to give us our rights, they can take them away. That's the delusion. Our rights have been established already, we need to exercise them with much more determination.

  8. Yes, terrorism will continue to be a problem. Some day, it could get to be so bad that it is as dangerous as getting salmonella from a cutting board, getting struck by lightning, or even become as much of a threat to you as you are to yourself, as perhaps terrorism rates will someday become as high as suicide rates.

    But of course it will never, ever be as dangerous as skiing, driving, smoking, eating at McDonalds, operating a power tool, or having sex.

    Click my name for more info.

  9. The poster who said that the only real way to bring TSA to a screeching halt is to physically throw them out, to make it so miserable and scary for them that they will quit their jobs wholesale is right on the money. I hate violence but damn it I just don't see any other way to bring this unconstitutional, law breaking illegal behavior to a stop fast and get rid of a whole bunch of blue shirted perverted Nazi thugs asap!!

  10. Definition of Assault - Texas Penal Code

    § 22.01. ASSAULT.

    (a) A person commits an offense if the person:

    (1) intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another, including the person's spouse;

    (2) intentionally or knowingly threatens another with imminent bodily injury, including the person's spouse; or

    (3) intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.

    People only need to call the Police and demand they get the TSA agent's name and insist a complaint be taken against the agent for assault. No new legislation is needed.

  11. This isn't about JUSTICE, Mr. Garrison. This is about the SYSTEM. WHO RULES?!
    And ya'll talkin' about OSWALD.

  12. Well, I've had arguments with Americans, who say, Anything the U.S. Government does, is alright with them."

    I've never wanted to slap anybody more!

    I suppose, if the Feds come and kick them out of their home, it will be alright with them!