Saturday, March 19, 2011

For Family Members Helping Relitives Coming From Japan -Home Decontamination Suggestions For Japanese Travelers Arriving Here

              I am very gratified the Japanese people are being taken in by the family members here in the states as a place a refuge from the all the chaos and destruction the earthquake has caused on the Island of Japan. It has been reported that passengers coming from Japan by the airplane have been setting off radiation meters. As we help the Japanese get back up on their feet and get them settled in. We must protect ourselves and all they will share a household with. There is certain precautions to take. I have found a website on some actions that can be taken to minimize the chances of contamination getting the home. First have clothes ready for them that are clean and not contaminated. These are measures that can be taken from the home. We can not depend on the government to take care of everything. Here are some common sense information that can be taken.

  • As soon as you get home, take off all your clothes (including watches and jewelry) without tracking contamination into your living space. If possible, take clothes off in an outdoor space, like your garage.
  • Put all items (including watches and jewelry) into a plastic, air-tight bag, close the bag carefully, and put it in a secure location outside the home, away from where people or pets will be.
  • Shower from head to toe using soap and warm (not hot) water. Do not scrub your skin with abrasive sponges or brushes. Use shampoo without conditioner on your hair.
  • Contact designated authorities to remove your radiation-contaminated items. Do not transport the contaminated clothes and accessories yourself. Do not wash your items or throw them in the trash.
  • Note: There is only a very small chance that contamination of your skin or clothes with radiation will cause long-term medical effects. This is especially true if the amount of contamination in the event is low and if you carefully remove the contamination. 
If there is people who served in the Armed forces who specialized in Nuclear Biological and Chemical warfare. I appreciate you input and knowledge to help the people of Japan be decontaminated so radiation does not spread any further and keep the worst of the radioactive fallout contained. Please share what you know would greatly be appreciated.

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  1. Why don't you simply put them into camps... America isn't lacking the experience! Stop making people panic about things they shouldn't...America always tries to put fear into people and declare war on anybody... Where is the embargo on the USA for your illegal war in Iraq??