Friday, March 18, 2011

Poll Shows People Losing Faith In Goverment At An All Time Low

                What does the government expect?They do not listen to the people anymore. People want out of these undeclared wars. The are fed up with the bailouts of the Robber Barons on Wall Street. The Fraud in the foreclosure scandal that threw people out on the streets who owned their swith no mortgage . The SEC downloading porn instead of arresting the Wall Street banksters stealing people's pension funds. The BP oil disaster in the gulf cover up while people are getting sick from the dispersant that was banned in Europe and most other countries.
                 Than we look at Homeland Security that is in our faces at Wal Mart telling us to spy on our neighbors saying people with Ron Paul bumper stickers are terrorist while our southern border is wide open turning our towns into war zones. Then we we go to travel by airplane.We are forced having a stranger's hand down our pants by the TSA and storing naked body images from the full body scanners.These people are stealing cash and other valuables from traveler's luggage. What do we hear from Big Sister who runs homeland security and TSA?. Put up with the enhanced pat downs and shut up. This agency alone destroyed the tourist industry and no one wants to fly anymore.
                  This government is unresponsive to the people. They passed Obamacare despite the public opposition of the public. The new congress extended the draconian patriot act regardless to public outcry. The congress keeps borrowing putting us deeper in debt.People do not want the debt ceiling raised and want spending by government reduced. They are tired of high fuel prices at the pump because of disruption of supply in the middle east and we are not allowed to touch our own oil reserves because of government interference.
                   The reason why in this poll says that faith in government is at an all time low is really obvious.People have many reasons  It is because government has become the problem and not the solution. The government cares more about bailing out Wall Street that should be in jail.They care more about giving illegal aliens amnesty than enforcing our own immigration laws taking jobs away from Americans looking for work. The government cares more about enriching itself than helping the people. Yes people lost their faith because what the government should be doing. They have failed us.All the things the government is forbidden to do.They are out of control with no intention of backing off or scaling back. People are tired of the abuses of government regardless if it is the TSA to the IRS.
                  For me I have lost all faith in the government because it is out of control and want them out of my life. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I do not how much more the people can take before there is a real revolt in mass. I can see it coming real soon if our country does not change course fast. Now I see why people overwhelmingly want the government to shut down in a poll taken.It is dysfunctional and broken. That is why it does not work anymore. Just like an engine that is getting ready to throw a rod. We do not step on the gas as a solution.We just turn off the engine before more damage is done. Just like a government that is not working anymore for the people and out of control.When people lose faith in a government that is broken and beyond repair.Many see shutting down government as a solution when it serve no more purpose of benefit for the people anymore.That is why faith in the system is at an all time low.It is broken and can not be fixed anymore

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