Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Solutions For Males Living in a Femenist World Hostile to Men

              How life was fifty years ago and today how the male is portrayed is upside down than what it was decades ago. I might get in trouble with what I am going to say. I will not make any apologies about it at all because something has got to give or we will face total destruction of the family. The family is been under attack for many decades with feminism. Especially the men. You can watch every sitcom on TV today. The male who is the father and husband is made to look stupid and dumb. If they dare put there foot down restoring order in the home. He looks like the bad guy. He may be the breadwinner who pays the bills and still gets no respect. All these TV shows sure had a big impact on shaping female values. The male is under attack. It does not matter if he is single or married. He is under attack. No matter what he does. He is the bad guy.
              I know men who done nothing wrong and got sued and had there reputations ruined over a baseless sexual harassment allegations. I seen men who are good husbands and fathers while the wife was having an affair with another man gets a restraining order on just her word without proving nothing. He can not see his children and he is forced to pay all the legal cost. Males are in a rock and a hard place. Today the legal system is hostile to men in the courtroom and in society. A guild of ladies have learned to use the legal system as weapon against men to get their way. About a year ago I was looking for a lady I can call my wife.I was frustrated how today's modern working woman and how it contributes to the high divorce rates. I did find a resource that is not s fool proof solution but can save much heartache and thousands in legal fees. My friend loaned me this book.
            The book I read is called "How to Avoid getting Screwed While Getting Laid" I found this book to be enlightening to me because it showed me the warning signs of what types of ladies to avoid dating and how to date.I found out many things I did not know before. When reading the book I was able to find my soul mate based on the advice the author gives. It is the males survival guild of the 21st century. This book every man should own and every teenager should read before dating a woman. I suggest Charlie Sheen read this book before bragging about his new goddesses.
             I would suggest you click on the website and download the free PDF file of the first Chapter of the book "How to Avoid getting Screwed While Getting Laid".

              I am no way bashing ladies at all. As men if we do not stand up to this hostility against men in the court system. Reading this book is a way we can avoid the courtroom altogether. As men we must start to take back what we have lost. By the way today is International Woman's day and be sure for the lady you love who deserves your respect. Show her gratitude as a way to say thank you.

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  1. I paid child support every month for 14 years on 2 bastard sons, in MEXAS where white guys have less rights than DOGS!
    Now that pig from San Antonio is dead from smoking cigeretts and I will NEVER get comp!