Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nine People Involved in Iceland's Banking Crash of 2008 Under Arrest

                I do not know if these people are low level in the banking business or higher up. Nine people were arrested who were involved in the economic implosion in 2008 in Iceland. I hope these people are not scapegoats while the people on the executive level never will be prosecuted. I hope that is not the case. If these people are complicit in committing fraud and manipulation  prior to Iceland's economic collapse .They must pay for the crime.                       
                Police arrested seven in London and two in Iceland on charges of fraud and market manipulation that contributed to the financial crises. It is good they are arresting people who committed fraud in the banking industry. These people are low level operatives and need to go after the big fish too who seek to make all of us homeless in the land our fathers have conquered. I am glad Iceland has arrested the bankers and ousted  the government who were the enablers who allowed such criminality to happen.
                   I will not be satisfied till they arrest  Ben Bernake and all the people on Wall Street to the City of London. Unless our government goes after the top executives in JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs who are involved in the manipulations of the markets.Nothing will change. I want them all in orange jump suits and shackles. Not walking free in three piece suits. These nine people might be the low level people who went along with the scam. These people need a full public trial and no plea deals. We need a public record of who else was involved.
            Why did the government give Bernie Madoff a plea deal? It was because if the government took this low level wall street insider to trial. It will be on record who in high levels on Wall Street who was involved and who had full knowledge of the fraud. They could not afford to have the high level people foisting this ponzi scheme being exposed and put on record. We would hear from the people "Off with their heads,Off with their heads"
             These nine people who were arrested in London and Iceland is just a start. We must make sure they have a public trial were witnesses and evidence can be brought forward to see who was involved up to the executive level in these major banks. No plea deals. We need public trials so everything is documented on court records.If there is any higher level executives involved in fraud and manipulation. It will be documented in the court records for the public to review. Maybe these low level crooks will turn on their bosses who are high level CEOs. Remember there is no honor amongst thieves.

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  1. Never happen in this USA;but,maybe if you give up the trip to the HOLY LAND this year "STIKING ISREAL" and go to ICELAND and see how REAL people live ie TAKE A LESSION YOU TAXPAYing fools!