Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Invader Dials 911 Fearing Homeowner is Armed

                 This should be on the world most dumbest criminals. A home invader dial 911 from the shower fearing the homeowner is armed. How absurd criminals will doing things to get out of trouble when all else fails to avoid arrest. This what has been reported.
               They never confirmed if the homeowner was armed or not. Even though the bugler was calling 911 from the shower on a cell phone. At the same time the owner was calling 911 too. This story should be lesson to all of us about gun control and crime. In Oregon . People can still own firearms and protect themselves from the criminal element.  Everywhere were there is open carry and conceal and carry permits. Crime goes down.
                If this happened in Chicago and New York where crime is out of control and corruption in the Police Department is rampant. The home invader would get a slap on the wist and the person who had a gun in the home would be charged with a felony and serve more prison time. The news story does not confirm or not if there was a gun in the home.
                 This story is a good lesson saying criminals fears an armed society if they have to risk there life to steal. What can I say more guns less crime

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