Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is Impounding Cars from Unlicensed Drivers Racist in Los Angeles?

            There has been an outcry from immigration advocacy groups in LA complaining about unlicensed drivers having their cars impounded at sobriety check points. In the past LAPD has impounded cars at these check points even though the driver was not drunk and just did not have a driver license. The story does not mention not having registration or insurance. In the past the Los Angeles Police Department tried to make some reasonable efforts getting a licensed driver to drive the car instead of impounding the car.
            Since many drivers in Los Angeles are illegal aliens who can not get a drivers license based on their immigration status.Many of them drive with no license,registration and no insurance. This new rule change will have some anti illegal immigration groups in an uproar now that since the driver maybe unlicensed.As long they are not intoxicated. They can drive away. I just hope this new rule changed is not biased on race were LAPD will allow an illegal immigrant to go free with no papers. But the law abiding American gets the shaft.
             Impounding a car because a driver does not have his papers is not racist. It is un-American,It is unconstitutional. Where is it in the state's constitutions and the Federal constitution that the government has the power to force people to get a license,tags and forced into a contract with a private insurance company to travel on the roads the operator of the car pays for with gas taxes?
             American or illegal immigrant.We all have the fundamental right to travel on the roads payed for by tax money we pay when we fill up our tanks.Our cars is our property. We should be able to go as we please without having permission of the state to travel.It is our right and not a privilege. 

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