Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radioactive Fallout Can Cause Possible Scarcity Of Clean Water,Food and Clothes

                We can start to see the international ramifications of the nuclear meltdowns that make the sushi shortage minor in comparison. I do not believe again the Japanese government is being honest saying the drinking water in Tokyo does show traces of radioactive iodine at a harmful level.The stating that the levels detected are far below intolerable I believe is a whitewash to hide the real data from the people believing they need to prevent a panic.
                Not only is it affecting the water supply. It has been reported near by the plants that the milk,plants and food are contaminated with radiation too.  This has caused the Japanese government to consider a ban on exporting goods from areas affected by the radioactive fallout following the recommendation of the UN and the International Atomic Energy Commission.
                 This is a wait and see game because after a week. They are still trying to  prevent a nuclear meltdown at the same time releasing radiation in the air. I believe this will cause a scarcity of clean food and water in Japan that could make thing worse in the weeks to come. What happens in the days to come will be known how bad things really are. I see not only the lack of food and water will be a concern. It will also being clean clothes and cleanliness free from radiation.Everything will so contaminated that every little things taken from granted like a blanket,sleeping bag or pillow can be a death sentence. Just like we learned years after Chernobyl of the real effects after their nuclear accident.This  Nuclear Meltdown in Japan too will be known in the years to come of the real full scale impact.When this comes to light. It will be found out there were measure that should have been taken before these earthquakes happened that could have prevented this mess in the first place.


  1. Hi realman2020,

    interesting post - I agree.
    What do you think longer term effects could be?(water, soil affected on a global scale? food chain?)
    Even if the radiation itself is not a problem, could it lead to environmental contamination of the whole planet?

  2. Hi guys,

    Check out this cool video – update on Fukushima reactors by one of the best nuclear experts in the world.

    what do you think?