Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food Sovereignty Declared in Sedgwick ,Maine?

           It is good to see a town in a city declare the right for people to sustain themselves and to sell free from outside government interference. We have seen many cities passing ordinances banning home gardens and farmers markets. We have seen road side vegetable and fruit stands shut down by the state agencies.We have seen food Co-Ops raided by SWAT teams with guns drawn for selling organic foods. We have seen people treated worse than drug dealers selling raw milk.
           In the name if food safety. We have seen the abuses of the government increase doing the bidding of big agribusiness to shut down their competition. People want good and healthy foods. Consumers have been turning away from processed foods. They are avoiding genetically modified foods for organic foods. They are avoiding pasteurized milk for seeking to buy raw milk.People are starting to see the health benefits seeking alternative sources of food compared to the conventional ways of going to the supermarket chains to buy food.
            We can start to see a trend were towns and counties will follow Sedgwick's example declaring food sovereignty. The people of this small Maine town made it clear that it is they are nullifying federal and state laws. There is no doubt that state agricultural agencies are getting federal money to enforce draconian Federal food laws on a state level.The people spoken thier God given right to produce and sell,trade their food they grow shall not be violated. This is were the real power is at the local level.
            Last year during the lame duck session of congress. The Food Safety and Modernization Act passed congress and was signed by the President that would outlaw home gardening and shut down small family farms with burdensome regulations. This act by congress favors big agriculture corporations and shuts down the competition of the traditional family farm that is the back bone of our history.
            My hat is off to the people Segdwick to take a stand against anymore draconian laws the violate the right of the people to chose what they eat. People do not want to eat junk anymore and want to have control of what they eat. If that means growing their own food knowing were it came from than not knowing if that vegetable at the supermarket not knowing it is GMO food or not. Kudos to the people of Sedgwick. 


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