Friday, March 18, 2011

Guess What New Scanner The TSA Wants?A Shoe Scanner.

             The TSA is so much more brazen then ever in the face of a public backlash . They have full body scanners that are not safe. Now want the technology to read your mind.They have high powered scanners that x rays a car they are ready to roll out on the streets of America. Now they are getting ready to put shoe scanners in the airports.They claim so people will not have to take off their shows at the airport with these new scanners.That is what the TSA is saying. The TSA loves technology that is intrusive. The TSA was still doing enhanced pat downs even though people went through the full body scanners. Even with these new scanners for shoes. People will still have to take off their shoes anyway.
              Have they learned from the 1950s through to the 1970s.Shoe Salesmen were getting cancer from the scanners in shoe stores that X-ray a person's feet so the customer gets a better fit. As soon as it was found out these scanners were removed from the shoe stores. What the TSA is requesting has never been proven safe. The body scanners shred a person's DNA.These machines violate every safety law.
              It has been proven by many in the security business and in Law Enforcement that there is more efficient and safer methods to secure an airport without dangerous technology.Without being intrusive to the person. I wonder if Michael Chertoff owns the company that will make these shoe scanners too. All I know is some political crony who is well connected will make millions of dollars off this new shoe scanner.

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  1. I heard about IDOI at and felt it was a good investment. but i really wish i would have taken the MCZ pick.