Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Seeks to Enforce Gun Control Outside of Congress

            I can say one thing good about President Obama. He has been the best reason why people should go out and buy guns. There is so many guns on back order. The demand is so high. It does not matter if is gun,parts or ammunition. President Obama is helping gun sales go through the roof. People know owning firearms is a check on a tyrannical government that seeks to dominate the population.
            President Obama posted an oped piece in the Arizona Republic calling on pro fire arms advocates to find common ground. For all the activist and leaders for pro firearm rights. Never compromise with a man who wants to disarm the people. There is no common ground with a man who loves Mao Tse Tung or Joseph Stalin. There should be no compromise with people like this. People who are fighting for gun rights need to hold their ground and not give in. There is no coming to an understanding. We have nothing in common with people want to disarm the people so they can mass murder the population.
            In recent weeks the BATFE agents has been caught smuggling guns south of the border to Mexico arming the drug cartels. This was done intentionally to blame gun ownership in the United States for the violence in Mexico. This was a false flag operation to demonize gun ownership. Look at Mexico were law abiding can not own firearms.But the outlaws and criminal have the guns. People are defenseless in Mexico
             Now the President is holding meetings to find ways to clamp down on gun ownership outside of congress by executive fiat through the bureaucracies. If he can not get a law passed through congress. He uses executive orders making it law of the land by the stroke of a pen. He done this with Cap and Trade that did not pass congress. He is enforcing these draconian environmental rules using the regulatory process of the EPA. Now the President is using the same regulatory process through the FBI and the BATFE to enforce gun control by executive authority outside of the congressional process.
            I do not know what is going to take to get the Administration stopped in their tracks and back inside the box under the Constitution.Under the constitution.The President can only enforce laws passed by congress. He can not be a law unto himself.If we do not find a way to stop this usurpation of power. He will not stop until we show resolve to do what it takes to make it known that "No" means "No".Hand off my guns!

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