Monday, March 14, 2011

Memorial Service in Alabama For Retirees Who Died Broke Waiting For a Persnion Check That Never Came

           For all you Wall Street Money Addicts who enjoy you nice sport cars and Rolex watches.Yes you wearing the three piece suits that cost thousands of dollars. I wonder how you can look yourself in the mirror or sleep at night robbing the people of their substance with your scam. I just have to speak my mind hearing about the retirees of Prichard,Alabama who have not received their pension check for 18 months.
          My heart sank hearing about people who should be enjoying their retirement had no electricity,gas or other services cut off because the city of Prichard Alabama could not fulfill its obligation to pay their retirees. Like many municipalities who were suckered into these investments of the derivative market and municipal bond market promising high returns. Instead they lost that investment and the city of Prichard came up short. For 18 months none of the 150 people who are supposed to receive pensions.The city of Prichard stopped sending out pension checks.
         Sixteen of the retirees who have not received a pension check for 18 months have passed away and the people of Prichard,Alabama held a memorial service for them in their honor. All these people worked all their lives and payed into the fund hoping their golden years are the best ones. Instead 16 died in poverty with little to show forth.What is the bright spot in all this?It is the people of Prichard Alabama have set up a fund to help the retirees who need assistance. For those 16 people. Those people who worked hard all their lives.Those last days on earth should never have to be a life of poverty.
         This is why we need to arrest the bankers and put them in prison for their financial treachery. Until these Wall Street money addicts are brought to justice.We will see more cities like Prichard fail to meet the obligation to send out pension checks to their retirees unless this county's leadership gets a backbone and arrest the Wall Street Gangster Banksters.


  1. Malcom X was right then. He would be right now. Power must be fought to be taken back from corrupted power.

  2. I saw red after reading this! This is just discusting beyond words! Arrest those money
    hungry addicts and run them out of town(after
    tarring and feathering them first) And take all
    their ill gotten gains as well(those pigs don't
    deserve to keep one penny of it!!!

  3. they hate us because we have freedoms hahahahaha

  4. So laughable! What a gutsy truthteller you are!!

    Come on, you can say it... come on now -- it's not hard: Only THREE letters! JEW. The fucking Jews have engineered this implosion. They've been doing this shit since Pharaoh's Egypt. Patton, Lindbergh and Henry Ford belled the cat, for certain. And that's why the Jews tried to destroy them.
    You're a whiny, gutless piece of shit. Save your whiny breath.

  5. Three individuals are responsible for the financial catastrophe we're in.

    Alan Greenspan
    Robert Rubin
    Larry Summers.

    All Jews.

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  7. Articles like this seem to convey a sense of helplessness. Please watch a short but enlightening YouTube video entitled "The Tiny Dot" by Larken Rose