Friday, March 11, 2011

Obama Holding a Summit on Bullying? What about The bullies in the TSA?

              What? All of a sudden bullying became a national issue? What is next?Will it become a national security threat needing the expand the power of Homeland Security to deal with school yard bullies? Mr President let me tell you something. I graduated from the school of hard knocks. I had my bullies too. Telling the teachers does not work and having someone fight my battles does not either. If a man wants a date with a hot looking woman. He has to learn to defend himself. No woman likes a wussy. If shes sees a man no willing to defend himself and be a doormat.She will have no confidence in him to stand up for her either.
                  I was responsible for dealing with my bully problem. I won some fights and lost some too. After that the bully never bothered me again. Even when I lost a fight. As long I got a few good punches in.I was never bothered again and that is how I earned the respect of my peers. No one else is responsible for my bully problems in the past.I was responsible to deal with my bullies. I tell my sons too that if they have a problem with a classmate. I will back him up if he gets in trouble in school if he has to deal with a bully. I tell them to stand up for themselves and let them know matter what. What the school says how to deal with by not fighting back and tell someone who is staffed at the school solves nothing. They can not be around all the time and they are not responsible fighting someone else's battles. I tell my sons if they have to stand up for themselves.It does not matter if they win or lose. That bully will never bother them again if  they throw a few good punches in. That bully will back off. That is how we solve the bully problem.
                  President Obama's hypocrisy to have a summit bullying in school is really a joke. If the President was serious about dealing with bullies. Why not start with the TSA in the airport who terrorize travelers with threats of arrest if we do not allow our bodies be fried by full body scanners or having our genitals groped.What about the BATFE who goes around bullying law abiding gun owners and Firearms stores .What about the IRS agents who make threats to people to pay an income tax they do not owe with the threat of jail and having everything taken away.
                   Mr. President . Please leave the policy of bullying to the local school districts. It is not a Federal matter or a national security issue. Please deal with the bullies in the TSA and the other Federal goon squads in the bureaucracy.Start dealing with bullies in the TSA first who terrorize travelers and leave the school yard bully problem to the locals.


  1. A big dif between what we experienced with schoolyard bullies and the TSA.
    In the yard, we threw in some punches and the bully left us alone. My experience, the bully became a decent friend.
    Not the TSA bullies. You can punch them and return the abuse. All that does is get you harassed by some other bullies who will gang up on you...or six-year olds...or folks in wheelchairs...all to keep up their domineering tactics.
    The TSA is not bullies...It is loaded with crimials: the sexual predator types.
    These perverts need to thave their names and addresses publicized as sexual offenders.
    Keep your children away!
    Keep your wives away!
    Keep your loved ones away!
    Keep your cockroaches away from this group of the slimiest vermin.

  2. Thanks to the TSA, being a lawyer seems honorable.

  3. "Integrity, Team Spirit, Innovation" is sewn around the border of the newest T&A patch. Have you EVER seen an organization that had to SEW A REMINDER not to STEAL, LIE, and CHEAT on their own shoulders!!!! They STEAL from the "confiscated" items, BACK-STAB the PASSENGERS (and their CO-Workers) and "INNOVATIVELY" CHEAT on their own tests.
    Supervisors calling each other with test ALERTS.
    Supervisors PADDING their hours to make house payments.
    Supervisors staggering in drunk.
    Supervisors exclaiming all NON-Christians should leave the country
    Supervisors expressing their desire to see U.S. Senators DEAD

    The TSA is specificly designed to lull the American Public into passively accepting random, pointless, searches at the whim of the government. Look at them. TSA screeners are being trained to be smiling and polite. WHY? To appear benign and unthreatening as they strip you of your Freedom. The reason they came up with an underwear bomber is the same reason they came up with a shoe bomber. First they wanted to get into your shoes and then they wanted to get into your underwear. After that they want to get into your body. But job one, day one, they want to get into your head. These are stages of humiliation designed to strip you of your dignit. yLook at their faces, if YOU seriously believed the next passenger might be an armed and murderously suicidal killer, would you be all relaxed and cheery? If you seriously believed that the next suitcase you open may blow you to Kingdom Come, would you be a Perky Pixie? If you do NOT believe that ......... WHY ARE YOU HERE!?

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