Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alex Jones is Moving in the Wrong Direction. Victory Starts in Texas

              Alex. I come to the conclusion.Yes you do your homework and  I give you credit for that. You have come a long way. I been observing him and come to the realization he is trying to knock down a target at 200m  away with a 9mm when the maximum effective range is only 50m. A loose cannon that overshoots its target. Alex can do much better and more effective if he made certain adjustments in how he broadcast.  I done my homework too and here is my conclusion. I will not blame Alex for all of Texas's failings and shortcomings. We all share responsibility for not doing enough to get our state lawmakers to pay attention to the will of the people.I write this out of frustration and a sense of urgency. Alex is in a better position to move Texas in the right direction.There is not much time anymore unless we as patriots change our direction and strategy. Now I will speak my mind..
              Globalist think strategic too.First by taking over the media and academics in the beginning to direct the population to think in a certain direction. Alex just like me has been suckered by the same media going in a certain direction on where they want us to look and what to think. Alex has been directing his energy in the wrong direction. Has Alex figured out Washington DC is irrelevant yet? Has he figured out to stop whining about the fat ,dumb, lazy people and yuppies? If they have not grasp the gravity of the situation. Leave them behind. If they never will understand. It is not worth the aggravation anymore.It is very counter productive.Alex should stop wasting his breath on useless brain dead people. Sometimes I think he alienates his audience who does understand because of the zombie population is still in a trance.What is the point to waste broadcast time on some people who will never get it. Live and let live.Let them watch American Idol and move on.
              As a blogger I been trying to direct my energy to put pressure on the state legislator to erect barriers against Federal encroachments. Texas could be the model state in how to take back power from Washington DC. If Alex directed his audience to put pressure on the lawmakers to push for alternate currencies and a state bank. It might help do some good. But he is not. He laments about those bad globalist without solutions being more defeatist about it and their evil plans for us. He blurps about the real power is in states rights at the same time never directing the listeners in that direction to take back there states. If he says it is the real power resides in the states. Why is he not motivating his audience enough to mobilize in that direction?
             As patriot bloggers and broadcasters. It is too late in the game to complain about people who are blind of how far this nation has fallen. We all have to be on the same page. First truth is Washington DC is beyond repair and can not be fixed. There is no sense trying to fight a government so distant and far away. Our energy and resources have to be diverted to the government that is closest to us. That is our state lawmakers and our local governments. That is where we can erect barriers against unlawful Federal incursions.
             When Alex had Lindsey Williams on as guest both having the tone that nothing can be done to stop this small clique of greedy monsters.We have to allow this to happen and we have to get the shaft from the elitist. I do not accept that at all. Just because the elites are saying we will have $200 a barrel of oil,rolling blackouts,hyperinflation and high food prices.It does not have to happen. This all can be averted if Alex Jones directed his audience to pressure the State Lawmakers in Texas to take countermeasures.We can  start to push back. We did not hear that at all. All I heard was is we have lost before it happens. We give the globalist too much credit and their words too much power. Just because it is written in the elitist white papers and publications. It does not mean it will happen unless we give them to power to do it.The states is where this globalist agenda plan can become powerless. Just saying the Globalist will do it based on ink printed on a piece of paper is just words.When we allow those words on paper to become reality to happen before it begins is when Alex giving them our consent to give us the shaft saying we can not stop it.I refuse to believe it and accept such defeatist attitudes.Texas can make the globalist efforts powerless.
            Texas could be the model state in how to take back the republic from a group of tyrants.That is if we pressured our state lawmakers that is the government closest to us . Our efforts have to be directed to where we will be most effective. That place is not Washington. It is in our state capitals. Alex do you know what the Texas State Legislator is debating over now on the floor? Is it state sovereignty pushing back against Washington DC? No it is not. They are debating over dog insurance and slot Machines.Why?Because there is not enough people are watching them and shows lawmakers do not fear Alex Jones because he is not watching them.They will get away with it as long as he rants about Saudi Arabia burning and not watching Austin that is about go up in flames real soon. The Texas State Legislator is either asleep at the wheel or the lights are on and no one is home. Homeland security is rolling out tyranny on the streets of Texas with no lawmaker resisting. What would the lawmakers be doing if we concentrated our efforts on the state level. Their priorities would be very different. 
              Looking back on memory lane. Alex was one of the most effective forces shutting down two things. One is shutting down the Trans Texas Corridor/The NAFTA Super Highway and the mandatory gardesil vaccines for teenage girls.It was possible by mobilizing people in Texans to put pressure on the state legislator to act. If Alex used that same intensity directing his audience in Texas to put pressure on State lawmakers to push back against tyranny. Texas be a very different state and would not be having rolling blackouts and a water shortage in Happy,Texas because of unconstitutional Federal interference. Gov. Rick Perry will have to back up his tough talk with action.
               We can not no longer lament about what the other side is doing. We can not longer complain about the people who will never understand. Forget about the people who still watch American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. They are not worth wasting our breath on anymore. We have the knowledge we can take to our state lawmakers and influence them with facts. If you are a part of the 911 truth or We Are Change.What activist a person maybe. Freedom has to be taken back one state at a time. Texas is the perfect place to start  the march of reclaiming our God given liberties.We have the numbers in Texas to make it happen if we are all on the same page going in the right direction.
                Many battles are not fought and won trying to take the whole field all at once. Victories have been achieved taking a piece of dirt at a time. Globalist know how to mobilize the population to go in a certain direction and take over institutions in a strategic manner .We have to be the same way. We have to be strategic and start to think the same way too against the enemies of freedom. The globalist did not take the whole country all at once in a single battle either.They did taking one step at a time. If we are going to take back our country. It has to be one state at a time. Texas is the perfect place to start having real victories again.Alex I hope you are reading this. Texas is the place to start taking back lost ground. Freedom starts in Texas.We will win if we leave our egos at the door and stay the course.


  1. And ... Not to mention his lies by omission on the true enemies of this country. I feel he has been bought and paid for by various political relationships that have been already exposed.

    I mean seriously, The Saudi's run Hollywood?!? It's time for Alex to wake up and quit trying to appeal to the 13 year adolescent old mentality that his show appeals to.

  2. great article. it would be great to print, if it weren't for the absurdly bad grammar! I've done some editing work, I could "tune it up", if you'd like.

  3. go for it Will! Send revised writing to

  4. Alex isn't perfect. But he's done about 10,000 times more good than this shmuck.

    And to those jealous AJ haters, wake the F up. The best way to garner opposition to the New World Order is by reaching out to everyone, no matter what race, religion or color.

    It's about GROWING the movement, fools. You idiots are only hurting our cause.

  5. Well. I do not criticize what he shares. It is about mobilizing assets were it is most effective.Give up on Washington DC.They are a lost cause. The states is were the NWO can be neutralized.All I am saying is he should mobilize were we can be stop them in their tracks. I am a listener too and like his broadcast.

  6. Like what you said about forgetting about the yuppies and the rest. Dang it! If they want to be slaves, go for it!

    The American Revolution was fought be THREE PERCENT of the colonial populations!

    You can only educate the masses so much. In other words, you CAN'T FIX STUPID!

  7. Alex should get Chuck Baldwin on who recently moved his extended family to Montana to get involved politically on a state level.

  8. Alex isnt about saving shit anymore. He is about "growing" his own exposure and personal wealth. He is an absolute self serving,charlatan, bullshit artist. If he once, treated even his guests on his show with some respect and not running over their comments like always, I would die of shock. Fuck Alex Jewnes.
    He is bad news.

    I think Clay Douglas was right, his wifey is his handler.

  9. Jebus, you need a proofreader! There's a big difference between commas and periods, and you don't seem to know how to use a comma.

    But beyond the technical quibbling, I hear you, RM2020. What bothers me about Alex in particular (in addition to your trenchant analysis) is his conservative bias which negates his criticism of the left-right paradigm. For example, he will bend over backwards to assuage neo-cons like Limbaugh, Beck, and Savage when they make one or two half-assed self-serving comments somewhere in the direction of anti-Empire truth, and then he'll turn around and viciously attack Michael Moore, who was one of the few liberals to actively take on Bush with the phony WMD B.S. while the Right was kneeling down to their Cheney idols, for protesting with the unions in Wisconsin. Absolutely hypocritical.

    Even more astounding, he'll endorse a neo-con ag subsidy queen like Michelle Bachmann for VP (with Ron Paul), the same media twit who voted for the Patriot Act, and was a rubber stamp for Bush. Even worse, he'll have Republican tool Ted Nugent on and not challenge him ONCE on his complete and utter slavishness to the L/R paradigm. And his gibbering followers don't say a word about this rank hypocrisy.

    But hey, like you, I listen to Alex everyday because he does have some good intel and guests every now and again (Keiser, Fitts, Skoulsen, Celente, Madsen, Chapman and Tarpley among my faves). He's probably just particularly ornery now because it's getting close to tax time, and he's most assuredly getting hammered this year.

  10. Hey Real Man,
    Great post. It's amazing how many paid government scumbag cowards take the time to comment (I guess the get paid by the word?) and leave nothing but steaming piles of hate and rage. And your taxes are paying for these d-bags to sit there and do it.
    Anyway, I'm with you 100 percent. There are a lot of problems with Mr. Jones, one of the worst of which is he tries to put himself above and beyond criticism, but his presence is mostly positive. He is the guy who got me to get past my skepticism and actually start looking into the things that he was saying and finding, shockingly, that everything he was saying was true, or at least based on hard evidence...
    I will say this, I think at the end of the day, we look for Alex Jones to be the solution, we look for big groups to join, we look for something who knows what to do and yet we all know, every one of us, deep down, that the solution is within ourselves. Alex Jones can be neutralized, big groups can be demonized in the media and leaders can be decapitated, but millions of INDIVIDUALS all rushing in the same direction cannot be taken out. I think you're doing the right thing, Real Man, and you've got to stay strong, stick to your mission and don't be discouraged. There's a whole world out there whose only purpose it seems at times is to discourage you.
    Alex Jones is like the marijuana of the Truth Movement, he's the gateway drug to get you to investigate 911, etc. or he's like a staging rocket. But eventually, somewhere along the line, you and me and we've all got to do the work ourselves.

  11. I use to listen to Alex daily for about a year; then one day it hit me that he bounces from one side to the other then he BLAMES cultures for the problems that our planet is experiencing by design by the Rothchild Zionist agenda. Then I realized that I was receiving one voice so I tuned into Republic Broadcast which hosts about 8 different opinions and guest that Alex would never have on. After reading history; I realized that it is the Zionist that has through time starting with Caesar had desires to own the planet with all of us as their slaves. Especially after finding Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins everything became clear to me. So, I agree...Alex is a gatekeeper.

  12. You race pimpin' Scuuuummmsss! Hahahaha!
    I love to hear Alex jones maniac "Rants" against NWO and other SCUM. It's makes me laught.

  13. How many times have you heard Alex say that "you need to become the leaders" and "take back the system"? How many times has he said you must question everything he says, study the situation and make up your own conclusions? But it does not matter, right? He is successful in business, therefore he must be bad, or even an agent of the enemy. Everyone knows you have to be poor and downtrodden to be real.

    I really appreciate the information and diffenent perspective WRH gives to issues, but I don't understand why Mike Rivero is participating in this attack against Alex Jones. This time by linking to a absolutely obvious hit piece.

    This observation comes from Finland (EU) where I see more and more people waking up every day. And guess what, it is mostly because of the work of Alex Jones.

  14. Quote - How many times has he said you must question everything he says, study the situation and make up your own conclusions?

    We did study and make or own conclusions. That's why everyone is stating the obvious and fleeing Jones.

  15. Alex Jones is a Zionist gatekeeper, he is a barking dog, but refuses to bite. I visit his site daily but I'm always mindful of his agenda.
    This article was well written and right on the money.

  16. I think we all know what Alex says is true, but something always makes you say "Is this guy for real". We all know he is the pilot, we just need to turn on the oven!

  17. More fuel to the fire:

    Zionist propaganda is seeping into the alternative, truth movement. Some talk shows and websites are more blatant than others, while others mix it in. Alex Jones seems to be mixing in 1% every so often, and this video documents one instance.

    Eric Mancow Muller goes on the Alex Jones Show and spews zionist propaganda and Alex Jones lets him get away with it.

    All of you AJ fans should wake up and realize that Jones is a shill for the enemies of this country.

  18. I like the comment "barking dog, refuses to bite".

    Whenever I tune Alex in he's barking away about the dark plan for us... sheesh, like there aren't any good economic and social justice models out there that don't embolden us.

    Personally I think your statehood ideas are right on. The more vibrant nation-states there are the better it is for all of us, even if it's just a state or a province that acts as its own sovereignhood.

    Take a close look at the economic power of Germany and don't be fooled by Alex and others that China/U.S. is the number one game.

    Did you know that today the 18th most important financial institution in North America is a co-operative in Quebec brought about because the French in North America were being shafted?


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