Friday, March 11, 2011

Be Generous To the Japanese in this Recent Disaster. Just Beware of Scam Artist Claiming to Be Charities

            Even though we Americans are having hard times in a stagnate economy being short on cash. Regardless of what adversity we are experiencing in America.We are a generous people always responding to the need of others affected by hurricanes,tornadoes and earthquakes. As Americans we never backed down or turned away people in need.We are a giving people whether if people are affected here at home and abroad. When people needed help.Americans responded in mass ready to help.
            What my concern is the scam artist will be out claiming to be a charity to give food,water and shelter for the Japanese people or orphans of the earthquake. I seen these scams when the earthquake in Haiti happened. I seen it when the Tsunami struck Thailand and Indonesia. They were out in force when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. All I say be aware the scam artist who will use this opportunity to con us out of our money tugging at our heart strings.
             How I found out some of these alleged charities were scams. I would receive countless emails even claiming to be even the Red Cross to help people in Haiti. I would do an email tracer. Just use look up email tracer in the search engine of your choice. Copy and paste the email headers. When I did that. I found out these emails came from Nigeria and Ghana. They were not charities.They were just claiming to be a charity to help the Haitian people and orphan children.All they were doing was looking for a sucker exploiting the goodness of a person for easy money.
            Lets be generous.There is nothing wrong with helping our fellow human being. Just please be careful.As Americans we are a generous people always responding to the needs of people when bad things happen. Lets just make sure it goes were it belongs. Scam artist who use the unfortunate and misfortunes of people why they need our money.Scam artist are just as bad as a career politician. If we catch them. I hope they rot in jail.Be generous.Just be wise too.Make sure our money goes to help the people in Japan and not in someone's back pocket.

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  1. Japan does not need our borrowed money, if they do, they can borrow it, not US!