Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No High School Wants President Obama to Come

             I remember 2 years ago when I got a permission slips from my sons school asking can he attend to watch the President of the United States on a special cable transmission to the classroom. I gladly denied to allow my children to watch this man tell my kids any different. I am glad the school district where I live in Texas does not participate anymore because of a lack of interest.
             Last election during the campaign many democratic congressmen,senators and candidates for governor declined to have the president come out and speak for them. Everyone who is a democrat who was running for office or seeking reelection told the president to stay away because if they are seen next to the commander and chief would be considered guilt by association.  President Obama is a liability not a political asset. That was just beginning.
             Now many High Schools do not want the president to come and speak to high school graduates. Why we have to ask. Well there is a very good reason. With all the austerity measures were money is being cut from many school districts and pension funds being stolen to prop up a bunch of offshore banks to pay a debt we do not owe. I can see why school administrators and teachers made President Obama persona non grata, From the student end. Many will graduate and if they get to see the president come and speak to them. They will be listening to a man lie through his teeth about how this nation will prosper under his watch. There is no hope for jobs or a future of any kind. Many of these students parents are out of work or lost there homes due to fraud-closure. This president robbed the youth of there future. They do not want to be committed anymore wars. I do not think they will invite the President if he brings along Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffet to come and sing at a free concert.
             Now the Presidents staff wants to start a contest to motivate schools to apply for the president to come speak at a commencement speech because of the drop of applicants. I think it is too late. President Obama is so unpopular. People could be starving in the streets. If the President were to have a Barbecue with baby back ribs and the world best coleslaw free to the public to come. Most people will not show up and rather eat berries and mushrooms in the woods than attend. For me I will ask the school district invite Charlie Sheen to come and speak at a graduation ceremony. He is a better choice than the president. Charlie may not be all there in his mind. At least he is more honest.


  1. I do not like Obama not for a second...but truth be told this was an effort that dated way back. Even before Ronnie Raygun down through todays disaster. It is good that people are realizing that democrats and republicans failed us through the years as they continue today. This is a fake debt and yes a war on all us that is not a Zionist. If we all say no to this fake debt along with these fake bills with their fake dollars then we will win. Good luck to you all...we need it.

  2. What's the point? Everyone's sick of the bullshit and lies.

  3. Speak only for your self please. Your headline is simply a personal statement. I for one would be proud to have the President attend and lecture at my school.

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  5. He's TOO PRO-zionist! http://www.NOGW.com

  6. It has begun, watch this short video by Larken Rose.