Monday, March 7, 2011

There is No Reason for Rolling Blackouts and High Gas Prices.It is time for the Republic strike back against the Empire

             Tyrants seek to control every facet of our lives. It can be rolling blackouts and high fuel prices at the pump. Hyperinflation controlling the food. Petty dictators use this as a means of control using artificial scarcity as a weapon against the people. It can be water,food, the value of the currency and supply of electricity. The time is now to push for many solutions at the state level. If one state stands up and declares its sovereignty and throws out the Federal government were it is not legally allowed to control. Many state will follow.
              If Governor Rick Perry posted the State guard and state troopers at the refineries and power plants blocking access of the EPA. If the state took steps to start pumping oil out of the dormant oil wells in Texas using intrastate commerce selling gasoline and petroleum products for Texans within the state at a affordable price for the people.That can throw Washington off balance. If the state stops collecting on federal taxes on telephone,power bills,gas taxes and on satellite dishes. If the Governor told employers they are no longer required to withhold the federal income tax on labor,medicare and social security taxes. That would send shock waves through the system.If Governor Rick Perry is really"Fed Up" with Washington DC like his latest book is titled. Then he should back up what he says. If he just done that. That 25 billion dollar shortfall can solved.
              I say Texas independence is the only answer and other states breaking away from the union. The federal government has broken its contract with the states and the people. The Federal government  has become a destructive force not for the benefit for the people.The solution is the states. The states can legally can do all the above and not have to depend on federal funding anymore. Our state legislators are the government closest to us and not sitting in a distant office complex in Washington DC. If we do not put pressure on our state legislators to take bold actions like what I mentioned. The Federal government will keep moving forward. There philosophy is the end justifies the means to achieve its goal of domination. We can not afford half measures anymore and have to push back now or our freedoms will be lost.


  1. Follow the example of the Conch Republic (Key West, FL)....They seceded where others failed!

  2. You had rolling black outs in Texas because of deregulation pushed by Enron. The free market can only support 100% capacity. The system needs to build to 115% of capacity for extraordinary circumstances.

    World oil production peaked in 2006. Big oil, legacy oligarchies, are preventing shifts to efficiency, conversation and alternative sources.

    Texas is being screwed by backward looking Tea Baggers.

  3. Amazing that you still think Perry will ever be out for you, or that your poor grammar will not betray your stupidity. I say we nuke Texas and rid the world of evil, as the citizenry is hopelessly ignorant, diseased, and full of Bush-shit. Your football teams all suck, too!

  4. Greed is what motivates these blood suckers

  5. Dude, you're about 10 years late and a ten-dollar hat short. "Waah! I'm an arrogant moronic Texan and my power went out and I have to pay a lot for gas! Oh, those bad Federalists!! Help, rest of world!!" Yeah, you sat back and laughed when Enron screwed half the nation in 2000 with Big Texas fraud, voted for Bush over and over, but now you're a cry baby because your power went out one day!! Texas is the land of assholes, and deserves to be nuked immediately for the good of the planet.