Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I did not Watch the State of the Union Speech Last Night

               I am so fed up with Barrack Hussein Obama. I made my choice to practice my Russian speaking skills instead of watching the speech. I knew if I would have watch the speech. There would not be a big enough shovel to scoop up all the BS falling out of the TV screen. I am glad I did not watch it. From what I was hearing and reading the speech later that evening. It was more of the same. A nation that is bankrupt and insolvent. He is trying to sell America is an agenda there is no money to fund.
              Reading about the jokes that he made were in real life is no laughing matter.There is nothing to laugh about being felt up and humiliated at the airport just to board an airplane.It just shows this man who is a known narcissist is so out of touch with American life outside the beltway.If the President and his family had to go through the same security measures the American people have to endure just to board Air force One. He might think different. But he does not have to. His audacity and arrogance was on full display for the nation to see just by the sound bites of the speech I saw later in the evening.
              I knew what he was going to say without looking at the speech which was more of the same. Calling for unity all that fun stuff. He said nothing new and it is all talk to sounds good .For us people who live in the real world. That speech he made last night may have sounded charismatic..But in reality.It has not created one single job or turned around the economy.It was just a propaganda show scripted on a teleprompter. Now you see why I did not waste my time watching the speech.

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