Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As Russia Mourns Another Attack. America Should Counts Its Blessings

                The Russian people have endured more that would make Americas fall apart and have a panic attack. I have to tip my hat to the people. The bounced back in the face of poverty and terrorist attacks. There is so much to admire about the Russian people. I know what they went through and how they survived under conditions when the country was unstable with political uncertainty and a struggling economy.I dare not look down on these people and want to learn much from them. These people know how to survive under the worst conditions
                 Today is the day the Russian people mourn as a nation. The last time we had national sorrow was Sept 11th when there was a great loss of life which is approaching the 10 year anniversary. Russia has endured many attacks on their country since our attack on the World Trade Center. This is a nation still going strong in spite what the nation encounters.
                  We as Americans we have a lot still to be thankful for and we should count our blessings. Because I believe if it wasn't for our right to keep and bear arms and a few vigilant patriots. We be getting multiple attacks just like Russia. I am thankful we still have a liberty culture that has served as a deterrent to terrorism whether organic or government sponsored. Do you agree?

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