Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solidarity for the People of the Russian Federation

             Russia like America has a very diverse culture were Muslims and Christian live in peace in most of the Providences. Lately what most Russian government has done was right. If the Israeli intelligence assets were behind this attack because President Medevev and Prime Minster Putin recognized the Palestinian State as a sovereign nation free to make treaties and form alliances.That does not bode well with the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank. If Israeli intelligence assets were involved than Russia must stand up and not be bullied by them as they do other middle eastern states.
              Tomorrow will be a day of mourning in the Russian Federation. We need to say our prayers for the Russian people that they may stay resilient in the face of national grieving . If Russia can stand up to the bully called Israel and tell them we will not be intimidated by such acts and pushes back.Than it can good for the rest of us. I know when Texas declares its independence as a free nation apart from the United States. I do not want the Russian government hesitating recognizing the Lone Star state as a sovereign nation because there might be retaliation because of it.
               On the other hand there are many power circles around the world that want Putin removed from power because of his anti international banking cartel stand. I remember there was an interview by Former Soviet Premier Gorbachev about the possible destabilization of Russia. The former Soviet leader is an Illuminanist who was ousted out of Russia after the collapse of the USSR. Is this is an attack by the factions around the world funded by Intelligence assets around the world.Is this an attempt to destabilize the country to get the money supply back under the control of the international bankers?
                Russia is important to the world stage. It is not a perfect country. But it is doing so much better than under Soviet Rule. Many interest have much to gain trying to fracture the country.If Russian republic is unstable.The chain reaction of succession of many of the republics pushed by the internationalist behind the scenes too further break up of the Federation is an another possibility too. They want Russia weakened.
                 We must stand with the Russian people so the Globalist can not try to destabilize the nation through attacks that just happened yesterday at the Moscow airport.Russia stands  in the way of a New World Order in many ways because the country is rich in natural resources outside the oligarchs control and has a monetary system outside the international bankers realm.Lets stand with the Russian people.Say our prayers for the Russian government to do what is right and not cave in to the will appeasing  the internationalist. The Russian people have always reached out to the people in America in the cold war.It is time we reach back show our support and solidarity. These good people mourned with us on September 11th.Now it is time we mourn with them and extend our condolences as they done for us. 

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