Wednesday, January 26, 2011

US Government to Ditch the Color Coded Terrorist Alert System?

          Is the US government going to ditch the Terror Color coded system? Is has been given from an anonymous source within the Department of Homeland Security stated the agency will announce they will be phasing out the terror color alert system. We will wait and see if they will. I just wonder what will they replace it with? I have a feeling it will be much more ridicules than the Terror Color Alert system. I just wish they ditch and phase out the TSA and the DHS first.
          I say they should replace it with nothing. This terror alert system was for political purposes.It was a joke  .Even former Gov. Tom Ridge admitted former President Bush issued fake terror alerts to scare people and for political gain before the election .The US  Government used the old Soviet Union as the bogeyman to steal our rights and to scare the people. Now the brown skin Muslims in caves are the new threat and using this terror color alert system was used to create fear and to advance a political agenda.
          I am just wondering what system will they use to replace. Will it be a more absurd system to be more confusing? The government has a long track record if fixing things that are not broken. While this present terror alert system is a joke. Can they make any worse?

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