Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Car Salesman in Chicago Gets Fired for Wearing a Green Bay Packer Tie

                 People minds are turned upside down.Especially in Chicago. People will not get mad at the gun ban.They will not get mad about the corruption in the city government.They will not get mad about the voter fraud stealing elections. They will not get angry over the ever encroaching police state in their city. They will get mad for the wrong things and the wrong reasons. Just as an example. Someone was fired for wearing a neck tie of a rival team.
                 I am surprised a car salesmen got fired from his job wearing a Green Bay Packer tie. I would like to ask this owner of the car lot. Are you mad about the biggest tax increase the state legislator just rammed down your throat? Why are you not mad at how Washington and Springfield Illinois will tax and regulate you out of business? Why are you not mad in how the too big to fail bankers are stealing the country blind? But you get mad at your salesmen wearing a Packers tie.
                 I am not crazy about sports as I used to be. When we are not looking. The politicians are pulling a slide of hand. Hearing about someone getting fired over a neck tie shows there are much misplaced anger and emotions directed in the wrong place. To the owner of the dealership. If you did not donate to the political machine of Chicago or the Democrat Party.When you are told to shut down the dealership if your with one of the big three automakers. You might finally get mad and outraged. A the end of the day you will not care what kind of tie that government agent is wearing.

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