Friday, January 28, 2011

Tyranny with Good Intentions:Congressmen Peter King Wants Citizen Spies to be Immune from Accountability and Prosecution.

           Before the public is sold on the "If you see something say something campaign" pushed by Department of Homeland Security in our faces on the big screen TVs at every Wal Mart. These hotlines that have been used in the past has been used by people with an ax to grind with a person they know to get revenge or some hysteric ignorant ninny who does not know any better. For years people have called in tips to the Child Protective Services making false accusations. They never have to give their names and the accused can never confront there accuser. Many innocent families have experienced the nightmare dealing with this bureaucracy gone wild because it is hard to defend themselves we they do not know who made this allegation. Everyone from the Social worker to the accuser are immune from any prosecution or accountability.The accused is denied trial by jury in most states that makes it more difficult for the accused to challenge allegations.The accusers can say anything and everything with impunity without any consequence.
            Now New York Congressmen Peter King wants to make all people who call in tips for suspected terrorism immune from any accountability or prosecution who use the anti terrorist tip line.Same thing. The accused is never allowed to confront there accuser. The person accused is treated as guilty until proven innocent. There is a reason why in our Bill of Rights a person has a right to confront their accuser. The reason is because to shield the people from abuses bringing forth false witnesses by the state using kangaroo courts that are one sided and the accused can not put up a vigorous defense to challenge the charges brought against them.
            Want to stop tyranny and Terrorism? Want to stop a miscarriage of justice by an out of control government? It is very easy to do. It is called mind your own business. Just because a person has a shotgun above the fire place does not mean the homeowner is a terrorist. Just because a parent spanks their children in public because the child will not obey parents does not make that person a child abuser. Just mind your own business. If you are one of those who decides to turn in their neighbors because they are storing food or growing a home garden. What goes around comes around because you helped create a hell on earth and will fall victim to the same spy network in the end. Do not let all the hysteria and paranoia propaganda rob you of your common sense.
             I watched many people fall prey to these tip hotlines who are innocent because someone did not like that person. I had a coworker 20 years ago had their life ruined because some busybodies in the work place disliked this person because they a good work ethic on the job that made some other people look bad. They could not get rid of them by there job performance.So they used the abuse hotline accusing this person of performing sexual crimes on people. This person was arrested and their name was plastered all over the local newspaper on the front page.Even after the investigation All the allegations were all unfounded. Their life and reputation was ruined. The people who turned this hard worker in were not held accountable or prosecuted for making false statements. This person accused still has a hard time getting a job and supporting their family. The people who destroyed this person's reputation have never faced the consequences.
             We must tell congressman Peter King that making people who call in tips immune is a nightmare waiting to happen on the people. Under the Bill of Rights. Americans have a right to confront there accusers and to bring forth witnesses for their defense. Making people who turn in their neighbors immune from any prosecution and being confronted by the accused is unconstitutional. The accusers credibility to be challenged and the validity of accusations is part of the accused right of due process.
              We see what happens to people are put on No fly list and terrorist watch list. They are denied the right to travel and the right to keep and bear arms or to board an airplane. The accused do not know who put it there. The accused does not know why. There is no judge or jury. No due process. The person on the list does not know who put them there. They do not what reason why. The person who put there name on the list will never be held accountable and face the consequences. The abuses of government denying the right to due process in the name of the war on terror must be put to an end. Our right to due process must be upheld and must tell Congressman King our Constitution demands it to shield people from abuses by the government.
                We have a border wide open and employers who break the law hiring illegal aliens when our economy is in shambles with millions unemployed. Those employers will never be prosecuted no matter how many people turn them in. If we dare criticize the government or the president.We might get turned in for an exaggerated or fabricated activity as a terrorist. Next thing we know we get a knock on the door from the FBI or DHS and get arrested for a crime that can not be proven. The person who turned us in will never be held to account for making false statements. This must not be tolerated anymore.
                 We seen what the War on Drugs to the War on Terror has eroded our liberties and our right to due process.We seen how informants have made up stories to get out of the hot seat pinning an innocent person as a drug dealer is never held accountable. The goons in DHS who put an eight year old boy on the terrorist watch list are immune from any accountability. If Congressmen Peter King gets his way. This will be a snitch network on steroids if not stopped in its tracks. Americans have suffered enough from tyranny with good intentions.


  1. Who in hell actually "elects" these fuckstains, like this guy, "Jews for Fascism" Lieberman, etc.?

  2. Soon the so-called "Congressperson" will be called what they really are, and bloggers won't have to feign politeness for Lying Murderers or their psychotic Psychophantic porch monkeys. Peter King is the same type of useless vermin as Chuckie Schumer and Larry Silverstein. Used to be in Texas we had open season on those types of varmints. Maybe tomorrow, shucks why wait, how about before the sun goes down ? BTW anyone ever witnessed a FAIR trial for the Mass Murderers of the Branch Davidians ? Or were those good faith TANKS working for the TEFLON ADL ?

  3. Fight the Stalinist Snitch Squads

    Congressman Peter King, whose last name, in the Khazarian language of his non-Semitic, Turko-Mongolian ancestors, would have been ‘Kagen’ (“king”), is apparently trying to introduce into your country some of the very same draconian and totalitarian practices which were originally introduced into Russian society in 1918 by some of Peter King’s Jewish Bolshevik ancestors. The two-sided coin of Bolshevism and Zionism to Jeffersonian Democracy is like oil and pure water. They are antithetical to each other.

    Thank you Lone Star Watchdog for alerting your noble countrymen to the dangers which threaten their now fragile republic. The Bolsheviks are inside the gates of the city. The “War on Terror” is a gigantic fraud. Let Congressman King (Kagen) know that you know.