Thursday, January 27, 2011

As a Christian why I will not support Israel

                 I have not attended Church in years because none of them seemed to get it on everything. We will hear from Televangelist and from preachers why we need to support Israel as God's chosen people. They tell us how those people in Lebanon,Gaza strip,The Golan Heights and the West Bank want to destroy the Jewish state. From the pulpit and on most Christian television we are told about the persecution of the Chistians in China and many other countries.
                  I may lose many friends who are Christian and theologically illiterate. They follow people without question like Pat Robertson and John Hagee. I am not going to get into scripture. But the truth is in plain site out in the open if you just do your homework. The talking points we will hear from Christian propaganda news is those Palestinian and Lebanese people are those evil Muslims we must defeat. The truth is these countries and territories have a very large Christian population.
                  The Church always quick to point out the human rights violations around the world which is fine. At the same time they turn a blind eye to Israel's human rights record. For all you people who want to go preach the gospel in the Jewish state. You will be beat up by the police and thrown in jail for five years. What about Israeli troops occupying the West Bank,and the Gaza Strip persecuting the Christians there.
                    I will not apologize for where I stand. I can not in good conscience support a nation that persecutes fellow Christians. I always ask that question to every preacher who tells the dumb down flock "we need to support Israel" and look the other way when they persecute their fellow brethren. When I learned the truth about the real Israel. I was set free and felt a burden lifted from me. I will not support a nation that has a worse human rights record like Israel.So when they Pastors preach about the persecution of Christians  around the world.Remind them of Israel's too. I can not in good conscience support Israel because they are just as bad or worse when it comes to lack of religious freedoms.Especially going after Christians. That is why I say no to Israel.

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  1. I applaud your position!

    If only more Americans would wake up now before it's too late...

    I must tell you though - the so-called 'Jewish state' has stolen and usurped the title of 'Israel'.

    The true Israel is the Church which Christ founded because Jesus the Christ is the King of Israel.

    So-called 'Jews' REJECT Jesus Christ; the King of Israel... so obviously THEY ARE NOT OF ISRAEL.

    As St. Paul explains in the New Testament, Christians are the Israel of God and, "they are not all Israel who are of Israel."...

    All who reject Christ are by definition ANTI-Christ!

    I refer to it as they refer to it: 'The Jewish State'... or as the Zionist scourge occupying Palestine.