Friday, January 28, 2011

Breaking News BATFE agents running guns into Mexico to Justify Political Agenda Says Whistleblower Inside the Agency

                 Breaking news. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America who is the head of the only real second Amendment group on Capital Hill standing up for Gun rights. The Leader of the Gun Owners of America was on the Alex Jones show and told Alex Jones about the corruption of the BATFE. Larry shared about Whistle blowers in the rogue agency exposing the agents are running guns into Mexico for justification so the anti gun agenda can say firearms brought and sold in the United States are responsible for the drug violence in Mexico.
                 The United States Government and the willing accomplices in the media are gearing up the anti gun propaganda starting with the Congresswoman Gifford,to blaming the second amendment responsible for all the violence in Mexico to the 11 police officers gunned in 24 hours. They are demonizing our right to keep and bear arms because as long the public is armed. The government can not oppress the people like they did under China's Mao Tsa Tung and the USSR's Joseph Stalin.
                  The government is staging events like the underwear bomber to have pat downs and body scanners in out Airports to smuggling guns into Mexico trying to justify taking away our right to keep and bear arms from the people. The guilt trip of making the people feel guilty for being gun owners and the demonetization is not working anymore. All they have accomplished was a major spike in gun and ammo sales nationwide.Not the effect they wanted.


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