Saturday, January 1, 2011

Texas Went Into the Wrong Court Fighting the EPA

            Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbot went into the wrong court fighting the Environmental Protection Agency. The Attorney General should have went into the State Supreme Court to make the case that the EPA has no jurisdiction in the State of Texas and second to see what legal actions can be taken against the Federal Government when it violates State law.That means arresting Federal agents who have no lawful authority over our industry and natural resources.
            For the State of Texas to go into the Federal Courts fighting the EPA in a defensive posture is like asking the wolves to keep the foxes out of the hen house.In the Supreme Court Landmark Decision were state rights won in Printz ,Mack vs.Brady Bill. Texas can erect its own barriers against Federal Encroachments without pleading in the Federal Courts. We do not need the Federal Courts at all to achieve this. Texas already has the legal authority without needing a Federal Black Robed Demon's permission to do something we already have the legal right to do anyway.
             It think it is time for the EPA come into the Texas Supreme Court and justify constitutional legality of their actions to take over state matters. The State supreme court too can give the clarification for state constitutional officers like the County Sheriff the power to arrest and detain the Federal Agents who violate state law and people's rights. It is time Texas make the rules for the Feds. These agents must play by our rules inside the State boundaries. If Texas sticks to its guns and follows through on its decision. The Feds will back off and we can take steps towards independence so we do not have to waste our time with this nonsense again. Texas does not need to go into Federal Court to erect barriers against the EPA. Only the thing we need is the moral fortitude of our leaders to enforce the law of the land and guts to be defiant against a lawless usurper in the White House. If Texas stands up. Many other states will follow.


  1. Agreed. Why do states continue to go to federal
    court to beg for protection of state's rights?
    It's time the states asserted their rights against federal encrouchment. If Texas and other states fail in this responsibility, it is all over. The people must rise and insist their elected officials in state government protect their interests against the big monster the federal government has become. Unless this happens we deserve (and help create) our own fate.

  2. Should have went????? Don't you speak no good English?

  3. It is kind of weird people who like to point flaws in other peoples efforts never lift a finger to help. People who are overly critical are the ones who pick apart other peoples work never lift a finger to a least make an effort