Saturday, January 1, 2011

Texas needs to have a Constitutional Standoff with EPA and Obama Administration's Power Grab

            On January 2,2011 the new EPA rules go into effect. The State of Texas will not follow these new EPA rules. Attorney General Greg Abbot is suing the EPA over the new regulations. The State of Texas refuses to follow the new EPA regulations over green house gases and new carbon rules that would cripple Texas economically . Now with no law passed by congress using unelected bureaucrats and illegal decrees by the Obama Administration. This President decided to assume and take over issuing to greenhouse permits to refineries and power plants when there is no law saying they can do it. A function reserved for the State of Texas lawfully by law.
             The State legislator in Texas meets January 11, 2011 in Austin for the 82nd session.They should move quickly to enact laws with teeth enforcing state sovereignty.  I think this is an opportunity for Texas to make a stand and tell the Obama Administration that he can not assume power he does not have. Texas should not hesitate to use the county sheriffs to back it up if necessary state law and state rights. 2011 should be the year the states push back against White House.
              This Administration will not stop assuming power unless we push him back saying "Not in Texas". "Not here" . "Not never". The Lone Star state Gov. Rick Perry should draw the line with the EPA if necessary back up the words with arrest of Federal agents if they violate State law. We have to send a message to the Obama administration. There are laws and his office does have limitations on what he can do and what he can not do. This narcissist in the oval office and Chicago mobster needs to know"Don't Mess With Texas"



  1. It's time for all the states to stand up. Government does not rule by decree. Unfunded mandates are not mandates. States care for their own-first. To hell with the courts. Effective immediately by public DEMAND!!!

    The state legislature should terminate all federal agent authority. Send a message, a shot over their bow.

    If you don't want to be messed with ya gotta stand up: remember?

  2. Okay, here's the deal: people get the kind of government they desire. We now take our liberties for granted, Unrealizing how much in jeopardy they really are. We cannot wait until it's too late. The people must stand up and say "no more!" They do this by insisting their elected state representatives do their jobs and stand up against the federal government when it oversteps its boundaries set by the Constitution.
    If we do not care, the feds will continue to usurp its authority and we will get the government we (allow) and deserve.