Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Florida Corrections Officer Suspended Over Obama Prayer Could Be a Threat to the President

            I am not surprised this coming out of Florida about a Corrections Officer in Manatee County was suspended over a written prayer over Obama. The Sargent brought a hand written piece of paper to work. Along was a piece of paper in the Bible left on the co workers desk saying Obama Prayer. A co worker was curious of the prayer thinking it would be a positive prayer for the president. She took the piece of paper and read the prayer and found out different thinking it was now a threat against the Presidents life because the verse was Psalm 109:8 saying"Let his days be few and someone take his place"
            I do not think the Sargent should not have been suspended. There should not have been any action at all taken against him. He was very vocal about no liking the sitting president and he has a right to his religious freedom if a person disagrees or not. The first Amendment give us the right for people to worship the Creator to the dictates of their own conscience.
            If anyone disagrees with the Sargent or not. He has a right to his religious freedom as long he does not bring harm to someone else practicing his faith.For the person who turned him into internal affairs to the people who investigated and most of all who suspended him all attacked their own freedom. I think the Sargent was wrong saying it was a joke and letting it be known to his co workers. He should have kept it to himself.
            It is very scary that soon to have a job with the government and in the privet sector. We might have to have the right political views to be the criteria of being hired and holding down a job. I think the Sargent did was ill advised and should have dealt between two workers instead of bringing in internal affairs. I hope in the future who keeps his views to himself just to keep the busybodies away.


  1. The Police State is growing more tentacles every day. When are you all going to get up and do away with the dictatorship that is creeping up on your doorstep?

    What this woman did was in comprehensible. How would she like if if someone turned her in for something so stupid? People never think about the consequences of such thoughtless actions. She obviously made the choice to side with the Emperor instead of letting this man practice his God-given right to freedom of religion. If there is any thinking person left in America, you are left with two choices: Either fight back or leave. Any other action will do nothing but aid the Dragon that sits in Washington

  2. that prayer was a joke that went thru Facebook. it was funny. it was not a threat. I can't believe that these people are that stupid. everyone posted that on status.