Monday, January 24, 2011

I commend Actor Morgan Freeman For Exposing The Sham Black History Month.

                                      " the only way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it."
                                         Actor Morgan Freeman

                When we hear about Black History month. It is supposed to be about the accomplishments of black Americans. When I think of many who made great accomplishments and helped make great strides. I think of Frederick  Douglas and Booker T. Washington. These are men who worked as agents of change and were willing to make the sacrifices in the face of great odds. My favorite is Dorie Miller who was the first black man to receive the Navy Cross for manning the guns at Pearl Harbor. My second is the Tuskegee Airmen for their valor in the skies over Europe as the first all black combat aviators in World War 2. I think of Rosa Parks for making a moral stand not giving up her seat on the bus.
               Now many race pimps use Black History month as a way to make us feel guilty for being white. That it is our fault for the sad plight of Black America .We are told the white man are the ones holding the black people down from achieving the American dream. In reality these same race pimps are the only ones holding back Black Americans with there rhetoric saying racism is the cause if there ills and lack of achievement. The same time they are promoting racism and bitterness digging up the past.When someone is a success story in the black community who worked hard and accepted responsibility for his life. These same race hustlers will demonize success calling people who speak the truth who are fellow Negros labeling them Uncle Toms. The reality if this success story gets momentum were black Americans  look for answers outside the conventional liberal black leadership and start accepting responsibility for there lives.They start tasting success. These people find out they do not need a leader to lead them and find out they are capable of making sound choices on their own without being told to do.When they break away from the collectivism mindset of the black leadership. Self appointed people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are no longer needed.They lose influence and credibility. That is why they try to agitate using racism anywhere they can to send the illusion they are needed and blacks can not live with out them.
               I will not deny there was racism in American. I believe this is a scourge on our country like slavery was. I believe many white Americans have bent over backwards to give colored people the same opportunities to better themselves. We have repented almost of our racist past starting  with slavery,segregation and Jim Crow laws.They can not be the blamed anymore for the lack of success anymore. We do not owe Black American anything. Black America owes the people like the all black regiments in the two world wars fighting for a country that still had racism. But were fighting so these injustices will be corrected. Black Americans owe people like Medger Evers who accepted the personal risk stand up for liberties knowing he could be killed for the cause of equality.He was gunned down in his driveway. Many of these Black Americans in the history books or not have made the sacrifices. These men watered the tree of liberty too and deserve our gratitude.
               One of my favorite movies called Lean on Me based on the true story of a school in Paterson New Jersey and Principle Joe Clark. Actor Morgan Freemen played the role perfect about the miracle  turning around a school against the odds in an all minority high school stressing personal responsibility and hard work not blaming the white man for all their failures. I can watch that movie over and over because they storyline of the movie rings much truth you will never hear from people like Jesse Jackson.The political climate in light of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. I call on  Rev.Jesse Jackson and Rev.Al Sharpton to tone down their rhetoric because it  encourages black on white crime.
               Last year I have to commend actor Morgan Freeman for putting the rest to the nonsense of having a Black History month and exposing the hypocrisy of the whole sham. I love how he said "I am an American". Not a hyphenated American. Saying Black History is American history. I can see why he wants Black History month a thing of the past. The reason because it just reopens old wounds preventing the nation from healing from decades of racial strife that has been a scourge on our republic since the Civil War. As a young nation many people from all races and walks of life have made tremendous contributions.This showed the greatness of our nation that is was freedom of the individual. Not the color of the person skin that made us great.


  1. rev al sharpton and jesse jackson are sell outs and kosher puppets and some of us in the black commuinty no it . We dont follow them or h0ebama dont be fooled by the media some fools may still be sheep here in new york we know better then to follow anybody with a perm on there head lol

  2. World War II was fought for the Communists and Zionists. Zimmunism.

    Dumb, ignorant Jew-serving "American" Japs and Negroes fell for it. The Japs were forced into fighting for the Jews. Tuskegee Airheads were duped into fighting for the Jews.

    Do you think the U.S. Government will place Jewish Americans in concentration camps when it fights against Israel? Do you think Jew-lover Michelle Malkin will advocate for that? It is without a doubt that Jewish-Americans will commit treason against America for their beloved Israel.

    Morgan Freeman is just another Jew-enabled negro, delivering the message of multi-ethnicism for everyone... but Israel!!!

    America is becoming the U.S.S.A. with its unrelenting social engineering of the public and government surveillance.

    General Patton was right.