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Registry For Domestic Violence Bill Being Proposed in Texas

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         Has anyone learned anything about these registries. I remember Magans Law setting up the Sex Offenders Registry. It sounded all good and well to keep an eye on those child molesters ad rapist. Then it expanded in certain states that people picked up for soliciting a prostitute to urinating behind a bush can put you in the sex offender database. I know a good friend was on the sex offenders website because he was 18 and his girlfriend was only 17. They were four months apart in age. His name is the registry and now he has to relocate every time they put a school bus stop within a certain distance of his house and gets scrutiny every were he goes. This has affected the life of him and his family. Not to mention his wife who has a son by this man was the 17 year old.
          A domestic violence registry? House Bill 100 will do just that if the legislation becomes law. It sounds good on the surface so ladies can look into a database to see if the man beats up on ladies. Will this data base expand to alleged child abuse because the father has to spank his children which is still legal in most states. Will it get expanded to all men who get restraining orders against men who done nothing be entered into this database.Some jurisdictions pass these injunction out like candy with no evidence there is any danger. This is a bad law because it will go far beyond its intentions of woman beater and be expanded in other areas that can do more harm than good.
            About setting up these registries. If the sex offender registry works so well than why is there is another bill in the Texas House were they will start making exemptions on who can be entered into the sex offender database because the registry went far beyond it intended use and some unintended consequences put a strain on resources in law enforcement .When I child goes missing. The Police are bogged down because they have to interview everyone in the database in a certain radius and there are many who do not belong on that list they have to go visit that is a waste of resources  and time on the part of law enforcement.
            These registries are not good at all because they go far beyond its intended use to being abused by the system on the people. If ladies want to stop domestic violence that stand up to the abuser and the judge should give no quarter to a person who abuses ladies if they violate an injunction or keeps hitting ladies. There are laws on the book that can be effective in curbing domestic violence if the judge enforce the law to the maximum extent.Also give ladies the courage to stand up for themselves and get up and leave if necessary.That is my opinion.Domestic violence is a touchy subject. Police do not like to waste precious time when lives are at stake. This new registry will have the same end result being a strain on resources
Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans

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