Sunday, January 23, 2011

Freedom of Speech Belongs to Us And Not a Priviledge Granted From the Goverment

            I must have serious questions about how we need to tone down our rhetoric. I really find it hard to believe a professor receives a death threat after watching the Glenn Beck show. There is nothing new under the sun these people will try to squelch free speech. There has been Jewish students vandalizing a synagogues and painting swastikas on the dorm just to blame it on the skin heads or white supremacist group to get public sympathy to advance a cause. Politicians now have to excuse to feel threatened because a constituent is not happy with thier voting record in congress so they can use the force of the Police State on the public.
             This is a group of people desperate to stop freedom of speech. They will stoop to the lowest levels if necessary. Now this is the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe vs Wade blaming the killing the Dr Tiller on violent right wing patriot rhetoric. There is a double standard I am getting sick of.
             Politicians have always be shot and killed .President Jackson had many multiple attempts on his life. You never heard him call for the pro banker crowd to tone the rhetoric down. It is nothing new in our young history as a nation. It has been going on since the beginning of time. So what is different today than years past. There is nothing new under the sun in politics. What is different now than we have a political class that wants a disarmed people and have a compliant slave class who will not question government. They are using everything possible to chill free speech and demonize gun ownership because it stands in the way of their plans for a socialist police state.
              Call the movement whatever you want to call it. The tea party movement. the patriot movement or the freedom movement. We had had many victories in the last two years. We all know nothing would be gained by making threats,doing shootings and bombing.Nothing good would come about attacking public officials and bombing government buildings I know we are not a part of it because we know it would not be good for our cause. But the other side's back is against the wall and the window of opportunity is closing. People are catching on to their schemes and being exposed. They have very little wiggle room and that is closing on them too where they have no place to go. The best spin Doctors will not work anymore. So what is there option?Stage events and and hope the public will believe their opposition is to blame is there only card they have left to play and that is not working anymore.
             We having nothing to be ashamed of having free speech. The other side fears us having this right speak freely because it exposes their deeds. We have nothing left to lose anymore speaking our mind and exposing them for what they are tyrants using any crisis. Trying to use it to their advantage. Just keep talking and never be silent. We have nothing left to fear but fear itself. They count on using fear to have their way with us and we must not let this happen. Our Right belong to the people and not the government and we have to let them know that.


  1. Nice piece but please get an editor or have someone familiar with English grammar conduct a review.

  2. Read this book,here you have in detail the people that want america destroy.Their plan,the creation of New World Order and who is behind it all.
    Who Is Esau-edom.

  3. Reply to both Anonymous comments.

    Reading comprehension is not one of your attributes......

    US Constitution Articles Bill of Rights protects 'We the People' from underachieving government bureaucratic apparatus.

    Get to the hospital emergency room immediately your over medicated on beta blockers.