Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texas House Bill Proposed Attacks People's Right to Redress Grievances

             Both the Texas and United States Constitutions makes it clear that redressing our grievances is a right of the people. A bill proposed in the Texas Legislator if becomes law can bring civil action against people who file complaints against state agencies and quasi government agencies. There are already laws on the books in the state that deals with people filing a false reports. If a false report is filed then criminal action should be taken.
              House bill 160 was filed by State Representative Raymond ,The statement on the bill is " Relating to civil actions against persons who file complaints with governmental agencies or quasi-governmental entities." This is very frightening because it can be used to keep people from redressing grievances who file complaints against the state agencies.  
              Is this bill in an attempt to chill free speech against bureaucracies when people file complaints against government agents who violate people rights? This bill is very broad based and can be interpreted to be anything. A legitimate complaint can be seen as frivolous in the eyes of the bureaucracy .These government agencies have the lawyers, resources and funding to bring civil action against people and the defendant does not have the money to get a good lawyer to fight back.
              I hope this bill does not become law. Why? Because people who work for the government tend to take care of their own. They will cover for each other. Police officers do it all the time. They can cover their tracks and file false paperwork to make themselves look innocent so they can not be sued or help accountable. Government workers are not different. This bill if becomes law can be used as a weapon to retaliate against people exercising there right to redress their grievances with civil actions that can be costly for the people to fight. The people can not afford good lawyers like the government can
               No one should ever be discouraged from filing complaints in fear of lawsuit from the state. If this bill is way to do that. I hope it backfires. People have a right to redress their grievances if they feel they have a legitimate complaint. If this bill is an attempt to silence people so they will not file complaints against state agencies because they violated their constitutional rights. Then we can see abuses by the government with  impunity if this bill becomes law. This bill must not make to the committee.

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