Friday, January 21, 2011

Proposed Bill in Colorado Will Make Everyone Who Gets A Drivers License Automatically Consents to Being an Organ Donor .Welcome to the New Medical Tyranny.

           I notice in many states. The condition Drivers Licenses gives certain terms. In Florida holding a driver license constitutes a field sobriety test. In Texas they are trying to pass is males between 18 and 26 constitutes automatic registration into selective service. Now there is a bill proposed in Colorado that would make everyone an organ donor as an agreement to be issued a driver license.
           Now I hear rumors of hospitals killing patients for there organs. If this legislation becomes law in Colorado. I can see a person who goes through the emergency room being slightly injured in a car wreck needing stitches. They run test seeing there blood and tissue samples up against the list of people needing organs.The results show they match a wealthy man needing a liver transplant. All of sudden this person dies from a so called alleged ruptured spleen they did not catch in earlier test. I heard stories of Hospitals killing patients who are on the organ donor list so they can harvest the organs for profit. If it is true. It is a wicked practice.
            It is really scary in China and in Israel. They harvest organs from healthy people who are prisoners or dissidents for their wealthy recipients needing organ transplants. I wonder on these Obama death panels that were born from the recently passed health care reform. Will blood and tissue matches be a part of the death panel consideration of who lives and who dies based on how much money they can get harvesting a person's organs instead of treating a condition that is inexpensive in cost? So would being an organ donor be one of the conditions to carry a national health care ID card? Will being an organ donor be a condition hospital will use to get any type of treatment.The patient not knowing their blood and tissue samples might be ran through a database to see if there is match for someone needing an organ. This is the new medical tyranny.
            People may have good intentions putting themselves on an organ donor list when getting a drivers license thinking they are doing good and very unaware of how this has corrupted some of the hospitals seeking to make profits more than saving lives.Organ donors should be voluntary and not a forced condition to obtain an drivers license. This is the type of corruption that happens when government gets involved in the health care system. Health care should be not for profit and in privet hands completely without government interference. When the Government got its hands in our medical system turning it from a not for profit to a money driven enterprise were greed has corrupted the once great medical system that was the envy of the world. This proposed bill must not pass or it might go nationwide. If the state can get away with volunteering for donating our organs. What else will they try next?



  1. What planet have you been on? The US health sector has NEVER been a not for profit entity! Insurance companies have driven policy prices so high for one reason, PROFIT! Too bad health insurance isn't forced to become a not for profit industry, like Japan. Then the US citizen might actually get a decent level of health care quality that wont bankrupt them!

  2. I have cancer, and can't donate organs...does this mean I can't get a license?

  3. For the last 20 years in the UK - when you apply for a licence they have a section for you to place a tick in the box for each part of the body or organ you wish to donate.

    The person has no choice to opt out - if you do not place a tick in any box - anybody else could add a tick in all the boxes afterwards.
    1000's of people have complained that their loved ones did not sign up for this - but the ticked boxes "proves" it.
    next they will say if you sign up for GP services - you have to be a donor.
    Organ harvesting anyone?

  4. When it comes to stolen human organs there is no such thing as "harvest." The word itself denotes a family sitting around the Thanksgiving table, overflowing with a bountiful vegetable harvest, not bowels containing livers, kidneys, hearts and eyes.

    Call it like it is. It is called killing and stealing organs for profit. Putting a cutesy, PR safe word on this ghoulish thievery does not change things a bit. In the future have the balls to say what you mean.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Southeast Asia Independent Media
    Jakarta, Indonesia