Monday, January 24, 2011

Possible False Flag in Moscow? I hope I am wrong

                  My heart goes out to the Russian people who are victims and are families of the victims. It has been reported in Moscow's busiest airport was attacked by a suicide bomber. I have to wonder is this an attack to justify the war in Chechnya and maintain occupation of the republic.
                  I wonder if Medevev and Putin are in political hot water and the Russian people do not like thier country doing business with China. It seem these attacks come at certain time to be a diversion or to regain lost ground politically as their leader when people are starting lose faith in the judgment.
                  False flag attacks and staged events have been used by government to justify a powers grab or to divert attention away from a particular issue  Some use false flags attacks to demonize their enemies.Every despotic dictator has done it to justify taking away people's rights and to crack down on dissent.
                  It is too soon to call it a false flag terror attack or a staged event sanctioned by intelligence agencies to get an agenda forward. George Bush and Bill Clinton used September 11th and the Oklahoma city bombing to after a mythical enemy. We should be asking questions instead of believing the official story. I am not saying this a false flag attack.All I have to say to the free people around the world.DO not be afraid to ask questions

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  1. medevev recognising palestine would be a good place to start