Saturday, January 29, 2011

Police Upholds Oath Refusing Illegal Orders To Attack First Amendment WIns in Court

                This Law enforcement Officer must have been listening to Jack McLamb or Sheriff Richard Mack . Campus Police Officer on the Kutztown University campus refused to follow an illegal order to stop religious freedom. The Federal appeals in Philadelphia court ruled to follw such an order would be a violation of their oath. This is the same ruling in the majority opinion by Supreme Court  Justice Scalia in the landmark court decision Prinz,Mack vs Brady bill  In the ruling. The county sheriff does not have to follow this Federal Law if it compels the sheriff violate their oath of office.
                This is good news for all the decent people in law enforcement who want to uphold their oath they have sworn.The court ruled the officer had a right to refuse illegal orders that violate his oath that is the law of the land. I commend this man character for standing up for freedom and now knows he does not have to follow the orders of corrupt leadership that violate the rights of the people.
                 This court ruling can have ripple effect in the rank and file in all Law enforcement agencies nationwide. They do not have to do what they are told if it violates there oath and conscience is still upheld in the court. Every man who wears the badge and uniform will have many chances to do what is right. I hope this starts a chain reaction around the nation were we can see many peace officers stop enforcing bad laws they know goes against their oath. Maybe this is one of those steps were we start to get our liberties back.

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