Thursday, January 13, 2011

People of the Ukraine Divided Over Taking Down Old Soviet Era Statues

         During the rule of the Soviet Union. The people of the Ukraine were dealt many horrific decrees under Vladamir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. I am up in the air too about this and it is up to the people of the Ukraine to resolve this issue. On one hand the people should be reminded of what a totalitarian regime did to the people under the iron fist of communism.

         Under the rule of communism. Millions of people of the Ukraine were starved to death after Soviet Soldiers took all the food. Millions more died at the hand of Joseph Stalin's reign of terror when he was purging dissidents. I commend the former president of the Ukraine sending out the decree to take down all the statues of the Soviet era.
         If I were a Ukrainian.I would have a problem of a Lenin Statue in the center of town in Kiev because I would see a man who was responsible for many deaths of my ancestors at the hands of this madman who once ruled the Ukraine.One the other hand I would not want my countryman to forget what happened under Soviet rule so the country never fall prey to such tyrants again.
         I can see why people are divided over removing the statues because of Historical and Cultural issues. Now speaking as an American to the people of the Ukraine. We had a war with the British Crown over 200 years ago.We do not have any statues of King George the Third around anymore.They took them all down after the war. We do not want to people to forget about were we come from and were we have been. We still have statues in the Southern States of Civil War Generals to remind people that this country was once divided and at war. Because it is a part of our history here.
          I would take all those Statues of Lenin,Stalin and Trotsky. I not destroy them. I would make a special park call it the walk of shame to remind the people what theses men did to their country as a part of history to remind them never to allow these tyrants to return to power ever again and a special garden for the victims who died of famines and purging of these madmen.
         The people of the Ukraine should never forget and think of the younger generation who were born after the Soviet Collapse be reminded what there parents and grandparents endured under the hand of Tyrants and what the effects of such of rulers has wrought that are still being felt to this day.


  1. much of that is just propaganda. Ukraine is Russian, it is at the very heart of Russia. During the revolution rich landowners wanted to break away from the rest of Russia to hold onto their plantations so they created a Ukranian nationalist movement to serve their own ends. Ukranian nationalists tend to be hugely racist against Rroma and Jews and anyone who isn't white

  2. Wow! What a prejudiced thing to say! Sounds like Bryce is prejudiced against Ukrainian nationalists. They tend to be in western Ukraine where the Soviet Union existed for about half as long as in the central and east parts. The Ukrainian Nationalist movements were not spurred on by the landholders but by common Ukrainian village peasants for the most part. Get your history straight!