Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Call on the People of Illinois to do a Statewide Strike Over Tax Increase

              I read a lot about the corruption in politics in Illinois. When I read about a sixty six percent tax increase in the state. I think it is time for the people of the state to act. The State of Illinois is no longer the land of Lincoln anymore. It is the state of taxation without hesitation. I believe the people have to send a message that they will not support an corrupt government anymore. They have the right not to fund and no longer tolerate the tradition of corruption that has been the history of the state for close to 100 years.
              People should no go to work. They should not go out and buy.Stay home and grind the state to a halt.Truckers refuse loads to Illinois or take loads from the state.There needs to be a statewide strike. The people of the land of Lincoln should make clear they will not longer support the perks and privileges of the Politicians and the Bureaucracy.
              The people of Illinois and tolerated corruption way too long. This tax increase should be the last straw for the people of the state.People of the state have a hard time staying above water in the state and being hit with a tax increase is the last thing they need. For the Legislator to ram this down the throats of the people shows complete arrogance of the political class in the state. If the State of Illinois strikes and becomes successful. It could go national. People are sick of supporting corruption and saying we are not paying for our enslavement anymore. It is time we start acting like free people than like slaves in chains


  1. Wait a minute isn't this a Texas Blog site? Stay in your own state. If it fixes our state, stay out of it. If you are from IL come to one of our blog sites and protest...

  2. I am so sorry you miss the whole picture.What happens in Illinois does effect Texas. If the people of the state strikes. It might ripple into Austin

  3. Obama has decided to start his first communist regime in his home state.

  4. Hey Anon1. You are obviously misled and your happiness to pay more taxes just demonstrates why America has gone to the dogs.

    Google The Mouse Trap Parable. Maybe you'll understand then.

  5. Hah. Illinois is very much still the Land of Lincoln. From his first inaugural address: "The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the Government and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere." Which was, of course, an open declaration that he was standing ready to drop the hammer on the people who were, at the time, going on what might be called an especially thorough tax strike. If Lincoln emancipated men from one sort of slavery (that, per the same address, he did not intend to do), he surely had no qualms about holding them in another sort at gunpoint.

  6. US citizens taking matters to the streets....hahahaha....where do you think we live? France, Greece, England, Italy, Iceland?....Not if Jersey Shore is on.....hahahha...

  7. Or you can just move out of that sh*tty corrupt State. We got a lot of corruption over here too in the east. I voted against any spending in Nov and every referendum for the pork project passed. what are the odds of that happening out of a dozen projects? Yes, just more BS so I am trying to head to the sticks in a legit county but eventually the State will come looking for money there too i suppose. This is just sick. nowhere to hide from it.

  8. wouldn't that be great

    but sadly my fellow American would be more then happy to go and do my job

    so what good will it do ?

    if we could stand together we could change things

    all the best and be safe


  9. I would implore the people of Illinois to stand up against what is difficult to describe as anything else but a fascist regime.

    They spend and invest carelessly during the boom cycle. When the bust cycle inevitably arrives due to careless monetary policy, the tax payer is victimized once again.

    There needs to be a complete overhaul of the financial system starting with the "Federal Reserve" and on down to the state level.

    The only way this can happen is if we stop supporting this one party system.

  10. All the budget deficits in states are roughly equal to all this extra spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This isn't really a State issue, it's a Federal issue, of the Federal government redirecting needed tax dollars overseas instead of helping out the states.

  11. the fed gov is not supposed to support the states and when they do there are strings attached.
    attached strings equal control that is the last thing we need and why should a person who lives in Montana pay the federal gov to feed the stupid spending of Illinois.
    i left New Jersey years ago for the same reason no relief for the working man but boat loads of free stuff for the worthless.
    when i used to go back to n.j. i would bring everything i needed with me so i would not feed that monster. last time i was there i decided to never go back.
    it is a police state full of criminals and if you get caught with a legal gun which is wise there for protection it's 7 years in jail

  12. I moved out of Illinois 7 years ago due to the corruption. The politicians are bought and paid for by organized crime. The true story of how Barry Soetero rose up in Illinois politics is also eye-opening. If people were smart, they would move to Wisconsin or Indiana.

  13. The idiots of Illinois elected these Democrat morons in the first place. Their taxes are rising 66% and all they are going to do is take up the ass.

  14. when the people rise up and overthrow the tyrannical oligarchy of this socio-communistic fascist regime by non-violent means but with the force to be violent, with proper leadership and numbers to overwhelm any military or police forces of resistance the officials will no doubt try to invoke if such an uprising occurred. Only with the intent of taking the country back and putting it in the rightful hands of those to whom it belongs and for the benefit thereof, and from those who have hijacked it for personal gain at home and around the world, which, whom obviously must face trial and be punished accordingly.
    It must be by peaceful means, with the intent of a peaceful resolution, and for peace and prosperity to eventually be found over-abundantly in this land, as was always the intent and purpose for this country, regardless of how it has acted since its inception.
    violence will lead to massive bloodshed and civil war from the greed of a minority of men in positions of high power who care not about the people who would die, in their last dying gasp and final grasp to maintain their status quot and positions of control, as wealthy, racketeering, puppeteer slave-masters.
    so brother will kill brother in senseless acts of stupidity from a brainwashed delusional false patriotic mindset instilled in them to protect the 'homeland' from the 'civilian' uprising, all the while not giving a thought on the oath the military and police took to protect and uphold the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, falsely believing the 'civilians' are the enemy and not those in power from whom they are given and do take orders from, resultant from a basic lack of critical thinking and individualism which is highly frowned upon and where conformity and collectivism are the core doctrines.
    the military has been built to take orders.
    the problem not only lies within this, but even more so with the people who issue those orders.
    the problem of the current state of america is that while the problem was being built, it wasn't yet a realized, perceived or even potential problem, so the people did nothing as their wealth, lives and potential was degraded, compromised and enslaved over time.

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing...
    and now the those few men that exist are just mere candles in the overwhelming darkness giving 'light' to those who would 'see' from it, if they so chose...
    and to send that light unto others who would see, if they could, and eventually, inevitably, hopefully... LIGHT UP the darkness...


  16. voting doesnt work anymore(if it ever did, once upon a time in a is a tenant of democracy, which is MOB RULE, which is why this country WAS a republic and texas is no longer), its an illusion fed by your delusion that your vote counts, the numbers arent manipulated, and both parties have separate policies and something to offer(however lacking of principles), fueling your cognitive dissonance and inducing comatose like complacence so you can get up and go do your slave labor in the morning.

    when in fact both parties policies are the same in practice (casting aside diarrhea of the mouth syndrome these people spew), people cannot count anymore, much less ballots, which are being computerized(which means NO ONE counts them), they all steal your labor calling it taxes, and you let them...

    you cant fix a problem, much less a state or country, by putting an frickin X in a box, thats called noting REALIZATION.

    at this rate your better off not voting and someday getting illegitimate elections, but the problem is the system is built to cater or rather, control - the majority, leaving the minority without power enough to contest anything, as usual.


  17. Stop deluding yourselves....US citizens will never go out on the streets to protect what's theirs. They will gladly take the abuse, as long as it doesn't interfere with shopping and reality TV. And even then they'll think about protesting anything. The US is doomed because of the apathy of its population.