Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste is a Two Edged Sword That Cuts Both Ways

             In the light of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in a Tuscon event. In no time the forces looking to attack free speech and the right to keep and bear arms came under bombardment with saying the shooter was a tea party member or a right wing extremist. Congressman McCarthy was ready to roll out anti gun legislation and people in the press where telling us to to tone down our rhetoric. They were out in force demonizing our God given rights as the cause.
              The former White House Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel said "never let a good crisis go to waste" The Democrats and the White House are counting on using this event of a Federal Judge being killed and fighting for her life US Representative Gabriel Giffords as a means to get the people to accept a solution under normal circumstances would reject.
               This is the opportunity too were we can expose these crisis vultures for what they are. A bunch of control freaks looking for an opportunity at the misfortunes of others as a vehicle to advance there socialist agenda saying we have to surrender or freedoms for security. I really see this is backfiring on them because they were so quick to blame the opposition and roll out there solution attacking our speech and right to self defense as the problem. We must push back.
               Do you remember Joe Stack who flew his plane into the IRS building claiming to be a Tea Party member.It was later found out to be a registered Democrat. Was  or a George Soros group ever blamed? Nope they were not. Not even a peep. There is a selected group they are targeting and will say anything and everything to make it the fault of the opposition. If Rocker Ted Nugent's Tour bus tires got slashed and he gets beaten up. We will never hear them blame an animals rights group or Handgun Inc. When the Unbomber Ted Kaczynski was caught after all these years. We never heard them blaming inflammatory rhetoric of former United States vice President Al Gore being used as the motive for his actions. Since the man had a world view very close to the vice president. Was Al Gore told to say sorry?No! He was never ask to.We must bring all this up and throw it back in their faces
              We are on the best footing than we have had in a long time were we are better equipped with information and more resources at our disposal to deliver it to the world .We do not need to go on the defensive anymore when we are demonized.We hold the moral high ground and we have no reason to be sorry or made to be ashamed about what we believe because of this tragedy.This event is an opportunity to expose the other side and put them on the defensive . We are winning and no need to say we are sorry.To the freedom hating politicians.This crisis is a two edged sword that does cut both ways. We will not let it go your way anymore. For us this is the time not to retreat. This is the time to be proactive and relentless.

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