Sunday, January 30, 2011

Habitiat For Humanity Now Forclosing on Homes

                This economic times does not discriminate against no one. I watched on the news periodically about the smiles of people having there homes built by Habitat for Humanity with low interest loans to people who can afford homes. Now people who occupy these homes. Some are starting to default on their no interest mortgages even with this non profit organization.
                 In Florida. One of the states hit by this economic downturn the hardest is now starting foreclosing proceedings against homeowners who are clients of Habitat for Humanity. It is hard to squeeze blood out of a stone. Most of the clients for this non profit organization are already low income. These are the people hurt the most by economic deepression due to inflation and the rise in cost for basic needs. I do not know what to say about this non profit organization filing foreclosure suits against people. It can go both ways.
                  I think we need a moratorium on all foreclosures with banks till this economic downturn is reversed.I can understand if Habitat is foreclosing on people who will not work with the organization to restructure payments to satisfy both parties. I can understand under those circumstance going forward with foreclosing to repossess the home if the client will not work out a solution. On the other hand I hate when people kick a person who is down on their luck . I hope that is not the case of Habitat.
                 When we see Habitat for Humanity start to foreclose on clients because they can not even afford a no interest house payment.This says the Wall Street money addicts and the Central Bankers policies have hurt the poorest among us by inflation and no jobs. As the Oligarchs have their cigars and brandy toasting to a multi billion dollar bonuses off the backs of the poor. This is a grave injustice that must be corrected that is long overdue.  This why we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank.When there is no honest money anymore because the issuance of currency is out of the peoples hands and put in the care of private central bankers. That is when people get hurt and suffer to enrich the very few at the expense of many.


  1. What is going to happen when there are 10 millions houses sitting empty and no buyers. This makes no sences at all. Houses rottting and falling down from non-use and everyone out on the street.

  2. It'll all be over soon. Just make sure you're on the right side when that happens...

    Isaiah 43:10-11

  3. The houses will not sit empty.

    50% of all houses sold in 2010 were sold to foreign investors.

    They will rent them out to those who use to be homeowners.

    We are selling out our country,literally.

  4. Well there are approx. 6 million Israelis who will be needing houses very soon.

    They'll no doubt be granted refugee status or automatic citizenship #1 priority.

    Why do I think they will also get a real bargain?

  5. Well there are approx. 6 million Israelis who will be needing houses very soon.

    If you let them?

  6. Huh? If who let$ them?

    The Zioni$t majority government?

    They'll roll over quicker that you can say Fido.

    In good faith please show me one single solitary time the US has ever said NO to Israel.

    Just one time.
    One instance.
    One NO.

    When they killed their latest American in cold blood as he lay wounded on the deck of the Mavi Marmara, Joe (you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist) Biden said "what's the problem?"

    There isn't one single newspaper in this ZOG nation which will report the truth.
    One of those "nine Turkish nationals" was an American citizen.

    Didn't you know that?

  7. Hey what about all those sailors murdered on the USS Liberty that were killed by Israel and blamed on the Egyptians. I was surprised that the BBC created a whole TV show on the massacre but our government swept it under the rug like it didn't happen. I guess that puts to rest the argument of the government loving the troops.