Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attitudes Of Secession Starting to Run Deep in the Hearts of Texans

              Today was the 150th Anniversary of Texas suceeding from the union prior to the war of northern aggression for their displeasure at Abraham Lincoln's policies that were seen as an encroachment on state rights. Today many Texans are very upset at President Obama coming in and taking over issuing permits for power plants and refineries. Many oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico have fled off the coast of the Lone star state seeking better place to drill outside Washington's regulatory claws.
              On the 150th Anniversary of Texas leaving the union before the Civil War. A day in Texas history to remember. In early March 2rd will be Texas independence day were early Texans severed political ties with Mexico under the dictatorial rule of General Santa Anna in 1836 .Soon after the massacre at the Alamo.This did not dampen the Texans resolve. A few weeks later Texas was free after the Battle of San Jacinto when the Mexican Army surrendered April 21 ,1836.
              Fast forwarding to today. People of Texas no more make anymore bones about being their own nation again. They see it as more the only solution because Washington is broken,beyond repair and cannot be fixed. The President and Congress are unresponsive to the will of  the people in Texans. When early Texans came and settled in what was called Norte Mexico before it was called Texas had the same parallels. People settled in Texas wanted a fresh start.The reason was because they were escaping the heavy hand of the 2nd Bank of the United States.The debt based monetary system forced people to move west to be free from the bankers. Texans today are facing the same dilemma as their early forefathers experienced. Texas is now under the choke hold of Washington DC and the Federal Reserve Bank. To many people views.Texas independence is the only way to break away and be a free nation again.
              People are voting with their feet and moving into Texas who want to be free in record numbers. People know Texas will be independent and is a stronghold for patriots. What will be the breaking point when Texas will says enough and declare independence? I believe with EPA regulations over refineries and power plants that will drive the price at the fuel pump and their electric bills  are through the roof will be the beginning of the tipping point towered sucession.
              People in Texas know the Obama is punishing Texas because its economy is independent from the nation through regulation of the oil rigs and exploration has really put a hurting on the petroleum industry. The new law passed S-510 will shut down many small farms and ranches that are all over Texas. Health care reform will hurt small business and people of Texas can not wait for this legislation to be repealed in congress.Many people in Texas see being their own republic separate from the United States is the only solution from an out of control federal government.
              Many states now have secession movements seeking to break free and politically divorce themselves from Washington DC the only option left. Texas may be the first to secede from the union again. Texas learned its lesson after seceding from the United States and joining the Confederate States of America 150 years ago.
               I believe the tragedy in Waco Texas when the Branch Dividians were burned alive at their Mount Carmel home by the Federal government's heavy hand. I see as Texas's modern day Goliad Massacre. I wonder when the modern day Battle of Gonzalez will be. Will it happen when the FDA or the USDA raid a farm to shut it down?Will it be gun control? Will it be the IRS trying to enforce Obamacare. Will a small group of determined Texans have the same attitude as the men of Gonzalez when they faced Mexican Army outnumbered trying to take the cannon from the town. Will the Texans of today have the same attitude of "Come and Take it" as those brave men at Gonzalez showed? Something is going to set it off where Texans might say enough is enough.Will it be when nullification measures and state sovereignty are not recognized by Washington DC?
               Many Texans are seeing independence is the only solution to stop an out of control federal government in Washington DC. The Federal reserve system has the economy in its death grip with a burdensome tax system to stifle productivity. The federal agencies and regulations bogging down small enterprises to the point going out of business.The TSA is hurting tourism and Homeland Security is trying to take over matters reserved for the states and local government.This is seen as a threat to everyone's personal freedoms with a tyrannical police state .To reverse this trend all the big government's heavy handed laws.This is a long list to undue that may not happen. Secession seems the only true nullification as the real solution in many Texans hearts today.


  1. PLEASE GO!!! PLEASE! And take Mississippi, Arizona with you! Don't let the door hit ya...

  2. "Americans used to roar like lions for liberty; now we bleat like sheep for security." - Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993)

  3. Perhaps this is just what's needed to wake them up in DC. The threat of Texas going it alone might be what is needed to galvanize the other states in taking a stand to reestablish Constitutional 'limited' government for all here in the United States. I would rather see Texas take the 'lead' in this than leave altogether but Texas will do what her Citizens ask (rightly so).

    Off point for a moment - I believe 'historically' Texas withdrew from the Union, reformed their Republic and 'allied' themselves with the Confederacy not actually 'becoming' a member state. As such, when Lee signed with the Union to cease hostilities it had nothing to do with Texas. Without a formal surrender, Texas remains a lawful Republic under International Law regardless of the years having passed.


  4. "Today was the 150th Anniversary of Texas suceeding from the union" - please go back and check your spelling. I support the tone of your article but simple spelling errors can make you look pretty silly.

    I'm not from Texas but have lived there and have nothing but respect for its people. May they have the courage to follow through on whatever decision they come to.

  5. You my friend are an idiot. I live in Texas and we couldn't even oust a govenor that sold our state's hiways to Spain. We let BP shit in our backyard where we eat. Are you smart enough to know that there have been signs posted at public boat ramps from Sabine to SPI that warn againt eating more than 8oz of bay sealife for at least 10 years now do to petro poisoning?

    Here is what I want as a NATIVE TEXAN: clean air, clean water, unpolluted land and healthy food, not secession. If it means shutting down every oil company on the planet and going "back" to hemp as our cheap energy source then I guess that would mean more farmers and not fewer, huh? My grandparents from bothsides raised their families and farmed the Texas Panhandle for 4 generations. They grew hemp for the government and Henry Ford. PHUCK OIL and lets get back to farming.

    If Washington DC doesn't want to listen then the states shut down tax collection and it's over in 72 hours. The states meet and form a new currency and we go on without WASHINGTON, DC. No secession; starve the cancer and revitalize the 50 bodys.

  6. If you really want to make a difference do it by not filing Federal Reserve Taxes. That way you take back your destiny to be an individual king or queen in this country as intended with a Republic.

    My two cents...

  7. SECESSION! Not "sucession"!

    Gee whiz, if you are going to advocate secession, at least spell it right! And if you are gonna speak out against martial law, do not spell it "marshall"!

    You'd have a decent blog, if only you could use proper spelling and grammar. Those things still matter, you know!

  8. I'll forgive your spelling if you'll forgive my truth telling. The Talmudic terrorists murdered the Branch Davidians, and JFK. There is no statute of Limitations on Murder. Texas is a whole other country, despite what talmudvision watching taxpaing dolts BELIEVE. Farm hemp, tell the truth haters to go to hell. See, WHEN YOU'RE're right.{check out the other posts,also}

  9. "Watching Texas Politics.News around the State,Nation and the World that effects Texas"

    Um, the word you're looking for is "affects," not "effects." Effects is the outcome of an action, as in, "The storm affected my neighborhood when it hit us, and had the effect of damaging our local economy." Effects also can refer to one's belongings, odds and ends, as in "Stack your effects in the corner there."

    Here ends today's grammar lesson and an attempt to help your cause so that people will take you seriously.