Thursday, January 27, 2011

Debt Collection Agencies Use Facebook to Track Down People and Stooping to More New Lows

              These debt collection agencies are stooping to new lows.  I read about about what means they are using to collect debts and data mine for information on people. These collection agencies used the Police Power of the State arresting people to collect on debts. They have set up fake courts with a fake judge as a way to collect on delinquent accounts. The real truth about these debt collection agencies is we do not owe them a penny. They have brought the debt for pennies on the dollar from creditor. We have no contract with these debt collectors that makes us not obligated to pay them anything under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.
              Now these collection agencies are using Facebook and maybe other social networks harassing people to collect on debts by posting on their wall "I'm being collected on by a debt collector”. Looking at photos to see if the people have money and looking at status as an attempt to collect. It is illegal for collection agencies to use third parties like Facebook to collect on a debt.
              The other new low is creditors are going after a son to collect a debt of a deceased parent. When I lived in Florida under probate law. The Probate Lawyer will post a legal notice for 90 days in the local newspaper.Creditors have an opportunity to collect by filing a claim with the court to pay on debt. After those 90 days if the the creditor has not filed a claim with the probate court. The estate is no longer liable. The children either way is no longer liable for a parents debt.
                This madness has to stop. The only way to be broken free from this predatory system is to return back to honest money. I find it is wrong to kick people while they are down when they are struggling to pay for a roof over their heads.It is time we know our rights when confronted with these predatory lenders and collection agencies. I still say the only winning move to keep the collection agencies and creditors off our backs is not to use credit and live with our means.


  1. The easiest way to get rid of these clowns is
    to demand in writing that the show you the note.
    Under federal law if you demand that they show
    you the note and their legal standing to
    collect within 30 days of contact they must
    do that before any other attempts to collect.
    They go way every time because they don't have
    standing they just buy lists.

  2. Dear Ms. xxxx,

    I have been verbally abused threatened and insulted by Mr. Troy Thomas from Aspen Collection. I will have no further dealings with this agent from Aspen and as he informed me that since payment in full of maintenance fees is not possible for me at this time my property will be placed in foreclosure. If this is the case please forward this to a contact that can begin these proceedings so I can stop paying for the mortgage to a place I cannot use and hires a collection agency that employs agents to threaten, coerce and insult it's mortgage holders. I refuse to deal with this agency and since I have no alternative to pay the fees because this is the agency my debt was given to I request to speak with someone about foreclosure.

    I am a single father of three that has battled back from destitution through divorce, unemployment and a crippling family illness. I received no contact about maintenance fees until they were two years backed up. I understood my responsibilities and started making monthly payment as well as bringing my mortgage up to date. This is not good enough.

    "I was informed from the agent that I should send my children to public school instead of paying tuition for their school and send him the money instead. That my priorities were misplaced in paying their tuition instead of paying my debt in full. After this he told my my property will be placed in foreclosure and that my credit should be more important than my childrens well being. Then he hung up on me."

    I will not be making any more payments until this is resolved. I have never even had a chance to enjoy this for all the aggravation I have had to endure for it. This account will be foreclosed because of the company contracted to secure a maintenance debt for a property I'm not even allowed to use.


  3. Collection Agency are disturbing the social life. This is not good to use social network to reach debtors.

  4. To get the pending payments, the 'outside agency' working as debt collection service are approached.These debt collection services work through calls or letters mostly but we need to take care of how their success rate is.We should not get swayed by what they say.It is always good to hire a professional debt collector to get the amount back.

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