Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cat Called for Jury Duty

              When you think the government can not get anymore stupider or ridiculous. I am glad I kept my census form simple and just told the government I only had four occupants living in my home. If I were to answer all on the questionnaire. My goldfish my be called to serve on a jury or might be put on a terrorist watch list. There is no limits to their incompetence.
               In Boston Sal the cat was called to serve on a jury duty.Where did the government get the data to summon a cat for jury duty?From the US Census data. The owner of the cat tried to get the feline disqualified saying can not speak English. Still the move to disqualify the cat was denied.Nothing shocks me anymore about the incompetence in government. It would not surprise me someone might have to register their hamsters for selective service based on information for the US Census.
               Seeing a cat called to serve jury duty might seem far fetched. But how are we are supposed to trust the government to run our health care system? The same government that can not run the Post Office with efficiency and ran Amtrak in the ground. If the government can not tell the difference between a pet and a person. How can we trust them to run anything else?When we have big and bloated government. Expect this level of incompetence to get more absurd.

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