Sunday, January 16, 2011

EPA Mandated Home Inspections has Begun in the Keystone State.Here Comes the Green Police?

            Where are the keystone cops when we need them. Oops sorry they been bribed by the EPA. A sanitation district has been ordered by the EPA to inspect people's homes. The occupants of many homes are giving notice that the inspection will be short visit to inspect drainage pipes for clean water discharges. I smell a rat. I can say that they can inspect pipes without entering a persons home. They have special cameras that can go inside the pipe to check for clogs and breaks in the lines. Any professional plumber will tell you that.
             Is this the EPA getting it foot in the door in a persons home starting with checking for clean water discharges in a drainage system?Next they will be having energy audits of people homes to make sure we are all within our limits in our alleged carbon footprint enforcing Cap and Trade without an act of congress This is big government at its best trying to run every facet of our lives. People just want to be left alone and do not want to be bothered with any hassles from bureaucrat being told his home does not fit the standards mandated for Cap and Trade.If he does not retrofit the house to meet carbon footprint standards. He will have to move and face heavy fines or worse.
            This is why state and local elections are more important than the Federal. We need people at our local state elected post to have the government function within its means and not be out looking for handouts from Washington DC. Who will keep the Feds out. The reason why the EPA mandates home inspections is because some politician sold out for a Federal grant. Now the people of Pennsylvania now will have to pay the price because they failed to look at who they really voted in on the local level. Now their rights have been sold out in the name of a Federal grant because of their apathy. 


  1. There is ONLY 1 thing you can do.

    SHOOT AND KILL anyone that attempts to get you to do anything you do not want to do. They only have authority over you if you let them.

    Protesting or complaining will do nothing but entertain these pricks.

    Shoot, shovel and shutup.

    I am 100% positive it will stop them harassing people very quickly, and put an end to ALL FUTURE EPA Global climate change freaks. They simply won't find people willing to risk their life for $10-15 an hour.....

  2. Agree with Anon above. When the price these 'inspectors' have to pay to enforce these onerous laws and edicts, home 'inspections' won't be such a priority anymore.

  3. Well of course this must occur. You forget that a majority of Americans live in la-la land and will open their doors unsuspectingly. There are still 10s of millions of Americans who still believe in the government and that it can do no wrong. Remember the crowds after Obama had won the election and he was giving his acceptance speech? Remember all the clowns out there that were cheering him on? Crying? Acting like fools?

    The PTB just laugh at us. And the minority who resist these fascist changes and corrupt rules will be demonized since your peers are those who don't have a fucking clue.

    Your job is to educate them. The fight isn't worth it if you are fighting this alone. You need sentiment to be on your side which will require a majority. At a minimum, you will need 10-15% of the population who are able and willing to demonstrate and create civil unrest or disobedience. Congress and their fascists owners don't even see us as a deterrent yet. They have shit and pissed on us since 9-11, and well before that if you are tuned in. But Americans enjoy shit sandwiches....its that simple.

    Evil is directed by a few or a handful of powerful people. Evil is allowed by those who turn a blind eye to the truths.

    I can define America for you as "its every American for his/her self and then maybe, just maybe, if they have time they will help their brothers and sisters."

    You really don't want to hurt anyone. That is not the solution and your anger or energy is directed at the wrong entity. You need to focus on educating your friends, family, the clerk at the local store, your bank teller....everyone. That is your job...not to kill and do what THEY do best.

    I get a kick out of these blogs and their authors who discuss all the atrocities committed by government and the fascists company that run the government. Yet, their sites are filled with advertisements for these crooks. Does that make sense to you? What message are you really sending? Whose pocket are you in?

    The truth is before your eyes, don't look so hard.

  4. 10 years ago in Massachusetts I had to submit
    a thermal equation of my house before I could
    get a building permit. State building code
    allows for so many BTU's of loss per sq foot.
    If you want big windows you need 2X6 R30 walls
    etc. Building for big windows and the front of
    the house north facing cost me $10K in added
    construction costs but I've saved at least $30K
    in the 10 years since I moved in. I have no
    problem with energy sensitive building codes.

  5. LOL check your drain pipes while marcellus shale drillers pump there wastewater into the river

  6. Insanity. We've all become suspected 'terrorists' since 9/11. PA - Imagine (see GASLAND online) the water supply being destroyed and they're checking drainage pipes! Hydro-fracking, EXEMPTED from Clean Water/ Air Act (Cheney's Secret Energy Meeting) 2-4 mill of gal of water per WELL / hundreds of toxic chemicals/ entire towns in Pa have to have water shipped in!! Wake up! TRUE - when towns accept these various GRANTS there is ALWAYS a hitch/ a demand. I be local officials never read them!! Check out Gulf Residents sick and dying (due to mill gall of toxic Corexit). The EPA is a joke.

  7. NEVER argue with an idiot. He will soon bring you down to his level, and then defeat you with his experience.

  8. Re BIG WINDOWS IN MASSACHUSETTS: You couldn't decide for yourself to invest in more insulation in order to save $ on heat? You're more happy submitting to the control of some building code authority instead of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY to think and act for yourself? PATHETIC.

  9. The "GOAL" is to turn every American in to a serf that competes every other serf for the lowest wage jobs, does not own but rents everything from the "Company Town" and pays through the nose for every purchase until they're hopelessly more indebted to the corporation (jew) and become just another Goyim slave. Live Free or Make them DIE! Teh revolution won't be televised but "So You Think Can Dance" and "American Idol" will be so you can watch those as your dumbass gets dumber.

  10. That's not so bad,,, There just doing there job as what have ordered to them.
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