Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Should be the Year to Have Victory Gardens

              This was not a good year for food production. Russian wheat production was down due to droughts. Corn used for ethanol has created a shortage. There has been numerous crop failures worldwide. There are food riots in third world countries. We can make a difference making sure we have food production here. If you are waiting for the FDA and the USDA to feed you. Good luck. Just a reminder S-510 has not helped matters much at all.
               If we are going to wait for the government to save the day. Good luck,But I doubt it will be any good. Regardless of what is coming out of Washington. We should be growing our own victory gardens in every yard producing our own food. We should not depend on what comes out of the super market anymore. It is time we as Americans take personal responsibility for our own food production.
               With GMO and MSG added to the processed foods .We do not know if it is real or healthy anymore. At least growing our own garden.We know were the food comes and know it is safe. The year 2011 should be the year of victory gardens and self reliance rediscovered.When we have our own food.We are free and not at the mercy of the government.

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