Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Hand News Reports the day Mubarak took Power 30 years ago

           God rest my Mom's soul. She passed away almost five years ago She collected many newspapers of currents events that meant something to her. This is a first hand account news wire from UPI the day Anwar Sadat was assassinated. There might be some clues who was really behind removing this leader being Slain and the rise of another.Was it the CIA ,British Intel or Israel? You be the judge. The pictures are original newsprint fresh off the printing presses the day after the Egyptian President was killed . These news articles  have been scanned for all to read. Please forgive me for the quality and hope you all will be able to under stand. I have more to scan and print in the days to come

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  1. Mubarack Vice President.After taking power as President--he did not Appoint a VP until now. Bad news, Nasser like Arafat--poisoned Sadat assissinated--not by the miltary of Egpht but by Mubarack's controllers--Usrael MOSSAD operations. Just look at New VP appointment,he is distant to be the new President--another stooge of Israel.I'll bet $10 he was behand the Sadat killings :^(